Friday, October 23, 2015

Troop Leader: Why do it? #5ReasonsToLead

This post is as much for me as if it for anyone who reads it.  I have been struggling with my roles lately, and I found a graphic someone put together for their organization and thought "Hmmm... I need one of those" So, I went through my pictures and found five photos from the past few years to put it together. 

Why do we do what we do? Why do we put in countless hours for planning and meeting and talking and wrestling with how to make the money in the account stretch so the girls can do what they want to do? Why do we lie awake at night wondering if you are making a difference and thinking you aren't and praying you are? Why do we spend so much energy for a majority of children that are not our own and in the meantime, taking hours from our own family and friends?

That's pretty depressing if you just roll with that, huh? Well, keep reading. I hope to enlighten both of us. 

Girl Scouts provides an environment where girls are challenged and accepted. They learn. They grow. They take up traditions. They start their own traditions. They build memories to last a lifetime. All at the cost of volunteers who believe in them. 

If you look at the photos I chose in the graphic above, you will see girls belonging to something bigger than themselves and challenged to uphold the legacy of a more than 100 year old organization. You see young women learning to take aim and hit the target. They may be practicing archery, but they learning a life lesson to push your limits, get out of your comfort zone, and keep trying until you hit the mark. You see young Americans saluting their flag, showing their patriotism, and honoring their country, state, and organization. You see our littlest of Girl Scouts joining in a Friendship Circle. They are learning what it is to belong to the largest sisterhood on the planet. Finally, you see young girls simply having fun. They are learning they matter. They are seeing volunteers who are willing to give up their time to make it happen for them. 

Is this all Girl Scouts is? No. Not even close. Are these the best representation of the 5 reasons? Maybe. Maybe not. But, it is a reminder to me (and I hope to you) that all the work isn't in vain. 

I challenge you... what are your 5 reasons? Why do you do what you do? Share it with #5ReasonsToLead

I may have narrowed it to 5, but I have 16 very important ones who all have names... 

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