Friday, November 20, 2015

Brownie Badge: Making Friends

Wow... it's been 3 years since my girls did this badge... though it seems like it should be longer. The girls were in 3rd grade at the time. They are now 7th graders. Time flies, huh? 

I will discuss what we did to earn the Making Friends badge. I have to say the graphic for the badge is adorable and one of my favorites. Not only is the badge cute, the lessons learned are great life lessons... some that I think would be good for our Leaders and adults in general to brush up on at times... 

The 1st and 5th requirement were sent home as "homework" for completion. 

Requirement #2 Show Friends You Care
This was during Girl Scouts 100th birthday year. We had connected with a troop in St. Louis (100 miles away from us) and decided to trade SWAPs. So, we made a simple little SWAP and mailed them off to our sister troop in St. Louis. 

You can find TONS of SWAP ideas online. If you want to see my collection of ideas, check out my Pinterest board

Requirement #3 Share Favorite Activities 
Play a game the group decides on. I typically keep a few games in my bag of tricks at each meeting. When the girls were Brownie age, my collection consisted of Twister, washcloth toss, and hot cookie. We could also always play tag (if good weather), snake obstacle course, Juliette Says. 

  • Twister: I think everyone knows what that is...
  • Washcloth Toss: Details here
  • Hot Cookie: Take an empty cookie box, stuff with newspaper, and tape it shut. Same rules as hot potato. 
  • Tag: I think you know what that is
  • Snake Obstacle Course: Set up (or have the girls) set up chairs, tables, etc. in a pattern. Then the girls line up in a single line and put their hands on the shoulders of the girl in front of her. They have to make their way through the obstacles all together. We have also played with them sitting on the floor and scooching together through the obstacles to make it more challenging. We've also blindfolded everyone except the first girl to make it more challenging. 
  • Juliette Says: Think Simon says, only...Juliette

Requirement #4 Learn How to Disagree
For the most part, the girls got along great at this age and their school was awesome at teaching the kids how to disagree and settle conflicts. So, I decided to take a different approach for this requirement. 

The girls worked together to think of all the kind words they could think of in 5 minutes. One girl wrote them down as everyone else chimed in suggestions. At the end of 5 minutes, they went through their list and came up with examples of when they had used the word.

In addition to the 3 requirements we did in troop meetings, the girls also had 2 things they had to take home with them and bring back. This did 3 things, it allowed some flexibility, got parents involved, and the girls had to be responsible to bring it back to the next meeting. 3 years later, we still struggle at times with the responsibility thing when it comes to scouts. 

The resource sheet is linked below. 

Requirement #1 Make Friendly Introductions
Take Home (Resource below): Introduce yourself to 3 new people at school using Kind words and telling them something about yourself to start a conversation OR meet a parents adult friend and tell them something about yourself

Requirement #5 Practice Friendship
Take Home: Sit at a different table at lunch (you can take a friend with you) and make a new friend OR Go to a dance or art class, sports game, camp or other activity and practice being a good friend.


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