Monday, November 16, 2015

Daisy: Money Counts Leaf

The Daisy Money Counts Leaf is one of 4 leaves Daisies can earn. I wasn't really planning on trying to earn these, but... I reviewed the requirements and figured it would tie in well with Fall Product sales and Cookie sales. When meetings are only an hour though, you have to stay on track and keep the girls focused at the task at hand. 

Guessing jar of coins

As the girls arrived to the meeting, I showed them the little box of coins and asked them how much they thought was inside. Guesses ranged from 20 cents to $100. I also asked parents what they thought, just to get them more involved with activities.

I then set that aside and told them we would find out in a little while. We were doing our Tula petal at the same time, so we had some things to do to prepare our canvases. 

Understand different kinds of coins

As the canvases were drying, I gathered the girls into a circle on the floor. I picked out a penny and asked them what it was and how much it was worth. I did the same with the dime, nickel, and quarter. 

Then, I quizzed them about how many pennies it would take to make each of the larger coins and a $1 dollar bill. I had a coloring sheet of a piggy bank with pennies for them to color in how many it would take for a dime, but I cut that activity for sake of time. I can use it at a later meeting for a different petal or to reinstate this one. Cookie season is coming, after all. 

Then, I asked one girl to sort out all the pennies, one for nickels, one for dimes, one for quarters. After the coins were sorted, I asked different girls to count each one and help me do the math to see how much value was there for each type of coin. We then added it all together. I used "old school" math and held up fingers to count the columns and come up with the result of how much money was in the box. I will note here, I purposefully kept this number low, because I didn't want to be counting all day. We had roughly $7 in coins in the box. $4 of that was in quarters.

Know more about paper money

In the leaf badge handbook is a great graphic of paper money. I simply held that up for the girls to see and we talked about the different values of paper money and how many coins is would take for the various values. 

Find out the cost of fun

I have to say, this was enlightening to me. I was impressed to see how well the girls understood what was free and what cost money when it comes to activities. Again, I simply used the page in the badge booklet. 

We briefly discussed what we would want to do for fun. We talked about going to the movies and how much tickets were and what that would mean for a group. 

If you are interested in any of the resources mentioned above for this leaf, you can download a complete copy off my Google Drive.

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  1. Thanks! We're doing this in January in conjunction with cookies too.



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