Thursday, November 19, 2015

Daisy Petal: Mari - Responsible for What I Say and Do

Remember I have a 7th grade Cadette troop, too, okay? Seriously... this has got to be the easiest petal EVER to earn. I just followed the booklet and was thankful I had planned to do a leaf in this meeting, too, or else we would have been singing A LOT!

For the Mari petal, here is what we did:

Enjoy Mari’s Story and talk about it

The girls sat in the circle and I read the story. I have to say, it kinda cracks me up to see parents listening intently to the story. I don't think we are ever too old to be read to. In fact, isn't there a whole "book on tape" following to back that theory up? 

Anyway, we read about the Cupcake Promise and then talked about the questions. 

Practice ways to be responsible throughout the day

Next up... SKITS!

I had the following written on slips of paper and let the girls draw one from the bucket to keep it all fair:

Morning: make bed, brush teeth, put breakfast dishes away, remember stuff for school
School: pay attention in class, put things away, follow directions, eat lunch on time
Afternoon: help with dinner, dishes, homework, pick up toys, bedtime routine

They took turns acting out how this would go. Then we discussed if they typically did that item and how being responsible is important. 

Practice being responsible 

Lastly, we practiced being responsible. I had the girls clean up our Daisy meeting place. We had done some painting for the holidays and such and put together a little foam reindeer, so there were lots of little pieces of plastic and such around that needed to be picked up and thrown away. I reminded them in order to earn this petal EVERYONE had to help. Otherwise, they wouldn't receive the petal. 

It is interesting to see the various levels of commitment to helping out when you have 10 girls from 10 families with 10 different sets of values. But, at troop meetings... everyone is held to the same rules and obligations. The troop is their family, too.

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