Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Daisy Petal: Tula - Courageous and Strong

In November 2015, the awesome Daisy troop earned their Courageous and Strong Petal.

For a beginning activity, the girls were given a choice:
Complete the Courageous and Strong Maze
Coloring page for courageous and strong
The beginning activity is for girls who arrive early and then at the meeting time, they stop and join Opening Circle. I printed these as double sided, so I was using resources wisely. 

Petal Activity #1: Enjoy Tula’s Story and talk about it (snack!)
The girls loved the story and I'm amazed each time how attentive they are to the story and how quick they are to want to answer questions and have a discussion about it. This is a great time for snack, as it keeps them quiet while they hear the story. It also sets a limit on snack time, so it doesn't drag on for half the meeting.

Petal Activity #2: Make an art gallery celebrating women who are courageous and strong
I wanted the girl's to see they are courageous and strong and they can be great, too. A recent study I saw told us that girls self-esteem peaks at age 7 or 8 and then begins to decline. So, anytime you can remind them they are awesome... worth it!

For this activity, we made a Super Girl canvas.  They turned out super cute and it gave the girls something to take home to remind them they are super girls who can set the world on fire!

tablecloth, hair dryers, canvas, paints, mod podge, scissors, foam brushes, super girl images, names, strips with courageous/strong words on them 
  1. Paint background with foam brush and allow to dry. I used orange, yellow, and a metallic golden orange and just swiped across at a diagonal
  2. Cut out super girl graphic, trim down words, cut out name
  3. Once canvas is dry from painting, apply thin layer of mod podge with foam brush to the area you are applying paper objects.
  4. While mod podge is still wet, lay papers on top. I found it was good to work in small areas at a time and not cover the entire canvas with Mod Podge. It dries quickly.
  5. Once you have adhered all your words and graphics, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge over top of it all and allow to dry. 
We brought hair dryers, just in case the girls got the paint too thick.

Petal Activity #3: Practice being courageous and strong 
While the background of the canvases were drying and as we used blow dryers to dry some of them, we did a circle discussion thinking of characters on TV, movies, books that are courageous and strong and how/why.


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