Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Brownie: Making Games Badge

Making Games was one of those badges that made me stop and think "Wow! The girls are really independent thinkers. Their minds are not bound by thoughts of will this work, but rather they come up with the wildest of ideas and try to make it work." I'm not sure at what age we lose that dreaming. But, 3rd graders are great inventors. 

Making Games 1: Scavenger Hunt

Each girl was given a list of 10 items they could find in our meeting place. They looked high and low. They had to write down the location of the item (by the window, above the door, etc.) and turn it in. We had purchased Girl Scout pencils for prizes. Every girl received one, no matter when they finished. 

Making Games 2: Mystery Game

The girls were also working on Making Friends at the same time, so for their items to hide they made a SWAP and wrote a note stating one thing they like about the person hunting their items. We drew names to see who got who. Then, the girls hid their items and had to make a list of instructions to give clues to find them. Many of the girls had never done anything like this before and we did have a few hiccups... we also had a couple girls that forgot where they put their items 5 minutes later and it became a scavenger hunt for everyone... without clues. For the most part, though, it worked out fine and the girls had fun.

Making Games 3: Party Game

We played pin the badge on the Girl Scout. I have a Cricut and I cut out a large paper doll and clothing to resemble a Girl Scout. I then cut out triangles for the Brownie badge shape. We blindfolded the girls, spun them 3 times and turned them loose to try to pin the badge on the Girl Scout. We didn't use pins, though. We use tape blobs, because I didn't want to use any First Aid skills. 

Here are the pieces I used to make the Girl Scout with the Cricut Paper Dolls cartridge:
Body: Blackout
Shirt: Promboy Shirt
Vest: Leprechan Accessories 2 Shadow - cut off tails and sleeves
Skirt: Cowgirl Blackout - cut off fringe
Shoes: Raggedy Doll Girl Accessories 1
Hat: Outfit 3 shadow cut off antennae
Hair: Mermaid headwear

Making Games 4: Change the rules

The girls chose to play Hot Cookie (think Hot Potato and use a cookie box). We decided they should change 3 things. They did good with it, too. Their changes were:
  1. Each time the music stopped, the cookie box traveled the opposite direction when the music began again. 
  2. Tossing the cookie box across the circle was allowed.
  3. You had to be caught with the box 2 times before you were "out". 
I learned that you want to use a game the girls have played many times together. It's also helpful to make sure it's a game where everyone is aware of the "normal" rules. If you have the time, allow the girls to come up with as many changes as they can and incorporate them all or vote for the top choices. What is funny is that after this meeting, for a while, when playing this game they wanted to play their version... not the original "boring" version. It became something that was only theirs. 

Making Games 5: Invent a whole new sport

My awesome college student co-leader at the time (whom I still miss) took the lead on this
with the girls. We brought in a hula hoop, a few different balls, jump rope, sidewalk chalk, and strips of cloth for "flags". We basically turned the girls loose and said "Okay, come up with a game". I thought this would take a lot of time, but it didn't. The girls were very creative. 

On this, I suggest bringing in a variety of items and just sitting back and letting the girls lead. Of course, supervise enough to make sure their creativity is safe and no one is injured. But, let them play and talk and invent their sport. 

And... there you have it... the whole badge... People often ask me how long our meetings are (were). We had 2 1/2 hour meetings, but this badge was split over 3 meetings and we did parts of Making Games, Making Friends, and another all at the same time. The drawback of splitting it up like that is when girl's don't attend all meetings... They miss out on multiple badges. 

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