Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Brownie: Meet My Customers

Honest moment... As much as I hate to admit it, Cookie Season is right around the corner and I'm not looking forward to it... but, with it comes the opportunity to do a few financial literacy badges. 

The Meet My Customers badge can be done many ways. We did this badge along with our cookie training for the girls. We go through goals, strategies, elevator speeches, etc. to get prepared. So, this tied in quite well. Love it when things work like that. 

Here is what we did for this badge. 

Where are the customers?
This was a discussion around the table. Each girl thought of a place where she could ask people to purchase cookies. Easy peasy!

Talk to customers
This was a 2 part activity. One we did during the troop meeting and one was sent home to get finished. 

During the meeting, I had the girls role play (skits) and  pretend to be different types of customers. They had to think on their feet and figure out what their response should be to the different scenarios. We had one customer that was too busy, one that didn't like cookies, one that said they are too expensive, one polite and nice, one that just rattled off their order, one that refused to support Girl Scouts, etc. BTW: All of these scenarios came from past experiences at cookie booths... yep... been there, done that.

The piece they took home was to talk to 3 customers from the year before and ask them why they bought cookies. 

Practice money handling

We did a quick game of "make the change". We set up a mock booth and took turns going through to purchase cookies or be at the booth. They girls had play money and had to make the sale, make the change, and then we came up with tips for our booth to make it smoother. We also talked about keeping the lid of the money box shut in case of a wind gust or distraction.

Customer Relations
We revisited our Talking to Customers piece and together came up with a plan for answers to various questions the girls may face. Until I became a leader and was at a booth with girls for several hours, I had no idea the types of things adults would say to the girls. So, we discussed how to handle those negative comments and that no matter what, we would smile and be polite. I also 'armed' the girls with truths and gave them permission to give out my name and phone number to refer them to me for follow up with any concerns. 

Thank Yous - choose design to complete next meeting with signatures
This is a tradition for my troop. Each year, we choose a graphic from the bakers Flickr site and I turn it into a Thank You 1/4 sheet. the girls sign it and then I get copies made to give them with their initial sales. Typically, I get enough for cookie booth sales and extra sales, too. It gives a personal touch, yet doesn't require them to sign 100+ Thank You cards. 

So, yeah... as you can tell this was a pretty simple badge to earn. I may have made it too simple, but it worked for us. 

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