Tuesday, December 22, 2015

COURAGEworks: Anatomy to Trust - Amaze Journey Tie In

I wish this would have been around when my girls did the Amaze Journey... for real... but, I also think Leaders can benefit from this. We all need Marble Jar Friends (no spoilers here... watch and you'll understand).

I have always had "trust issues". I'm very skeptical of people's true intentions. I'm sure that is a reflection on me and that deep down I'm a conniving, evil, deceitful person who struggles daily to be good and honest and nice... (okay, I really hope not...)... but I am skeptical of people. My husband teases me that I have a conspiracy theory for everything... I like to tell him I'm just insightful. It's a daily battle...

Anyway.. I signed up for her online Anatomy of Trust course (It's free, btw) and I've worked my way through most of it.

I'm not getting paid and I wasn't even asked to review this online course, but I love this speaker and I love her insight. At times when watching her various lectures and talks I find myself saying, I KNEW IT! Ever have a moment when you know something is more than it seems and you know you are struggling, but it just takes someone else to put it in the right words to hit home? That's what she does for me.

You can sign up, too! http://www.courageworks.com/classes/the-anatomy-of-trust/lessons

She talks about how you need Marble Jar Friends... I hope you have some or at least one. 

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