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Reindeer Games 2015

I am so excited about the holiday party that I found for my Cadettes. Last year, we did the Quebec Chocolate Challenge around the holidays. This year, I decided to (sit down...) not worry about  a patch and just have fun! (I told you to sit down! You can't blame me for any injuries from fainting.)

For the most part, I am using a plan I found on a girl's blog. She hosted for her family in 2012 and the games are hilarious. I added in a few different ones, because the girls aren't couples and I didn't want to deal with a scavenger hunt. 

So... this is our 2015 Reindeer Games!

Scrambled ReinDEER

Supplies: Printed Sheets for all
Description: This is an unscramble game for the nine reindeer names. 

The first one to unscramble the names correctly receives 4 points, 2nd receives 3 points, 3rd receives 2 points, 4th receives 1 point.

Introduction: Unlike scrambled eggs, scrambled reindeer isn't very tasty. Unscramble the reindeer names as fast as you can. As soon as you're done jump up and sing Jingle Bells!

ReignDEER Bubble Blowing Contest

Supplies: Bubble Gum
DescriptionEach girl receives 3 pieces of gum. She can choose to chew 1, 2, or 3. Bubbles have to stay inflated long enough to be measured. They are each given 3 attempts. The 3 bubble measurements are added together and then points are awarded. We use the same point system as for Scrambled Reindeer.

Introduction: Reindeer know just where to fly when Santa pulls the reins. But sometimes, it snows heavily on Christmas Even night and the reindeer must be skilled at blowing snow out of the way of the sleigh as it glides through the air. It's like blowing bubbles with bubblegum. here's your chance to practice. The person to blow the biggest bubble will be the "reigning" champion!


Supplies: thread, petroleum jelly, cotton balls
Description: Each girl is given a piece of string (I use crochet thread) and a cotton ball. They then have to put petroleum jelly on their nose. They have to attach the cotton ball to the string. We do a countdown from 12 (12 days of Christmas) and the girls swing the cotton ball on the string to flip up and stick to their nose. First one to get it, receives 4 points (and so on, as before). 

Introduction: Reindeer sometimes get bored on rooftops while Santa is delivering packages. To pass the time, they come up with some silly games that are easy to carry along. Their favorite is Swing the Nose on the Reindeer. Here's your chance to see if you can keep up with the team.

DEER in the Headlights

Supplies: GS trivia sheets
Description: Each girl is given a trivia sheet and 5 minutes to complete the 8 questions. This is more than enough time. No hints are given, though, if you have younger girls you might want to help them out a little. My girls are Cadettes and I hope they know the answers to these questions. 

When they think they have all the correct answers they run up to get it checked. Answers were checked, if any are wrong, they are told how many are correct and they have to figure out which is wrong. We don't tell them #7 isn't correct. We say "You have all but one correct." They are only allowed to turn in to be checked 3 times. After the 3rd attempt, they have to hope for the most correct answers. 

Scoring for this as follows:
1st one with all correct - 5 points
2nd receives 4
3rd receives 3
4th gets 4

If no one has all correct, then scoring adjusts to be:
Girl with most correct answers - 3 points
2nd most correct - 2 points
3rd most correct - 1 point

The split scoring on this helps them try harder, because they could make up points from another activity. It also helps them not totally rush through it.

Introduction: If you want to know what to get someone for Christmas, you need some basic knowledge about their interests. See if you can answer these Girl Scout trivia questions to help find the perfect gift.

ReinDEER Poop

Supplies: Spoons, cocoa puffs
Description: Hilarious activity... I use a large baking sheet and poured out the cocoa puffs (The original idea was to scatter it in the yard and if it had been at my house I would have done that... but it was at school and I didn't want to get in trouble). Each girl receives a plastic spoon and she is only allowed to use her non-dominant hand (right handed girls used left and vice-versa). The other hand to be used for holding their nose because of the stinky poop. 

They have containers the same size and then at the end of 1 minute the containers are put next to one another and the one with the most gets 4 point, 2nd 3 points, 3rd 2 points, 4th 1 point.

Introduction: Reindeer sometimes can be a bit messy, it's true. It's the elves only complaint, having to pick up reindeer poop! YUCK! But, it has to be done. Grab a spoon and see who can scoop the most reindeer poop!

Rain-DEER homes

Supplies: mini marshmallows, toothpicks
Description: Each girl is given a container with marshmallows and toothpicks. They are given 5 minutes to construct the house and then the homes are judged based on structure, design, and creativity.

1st place receives 4 points, 2nd 3 points, 3rd 2 points, 4th 1 point.

Introduction: In the North Pole, it's sure to rain adn snow, and that's why reindeer must have a safe place to go! Get ready to build a Reindeer home out of marshmallows and toothpicks. You'll only have 5 minutes to build!

ReinDEER Gear

Supplies: panty hose, balloons
Description: This is interesting to see how the teams go about getting the job done. Some will only think to have one girl blowing up balloons and others will work together. The adults remain silent on this and just let it unfold. If you have an uneven number of girls, then have an adult be part of a team or divide differently.

Introduction: Reindeer have some heavy duty gear to wear every day, not just on Christmas Eve. The antlers of reindeer can get up to 39 inches in width and 53 inches in length! That's quite a load to carry on your head! Let's give it a try, shall we? Divide into teams of two.

You will be making antlers to go on one person's head. Blow up balloons and stuff them into the legs of the pantyhose. There should be 4 on each side. Then, the top part of the pantyhose should be worn on your head to complete your Reindeer Antlers!

First team done, each girl receives 4 points. 2nd team 3 points, 3rd team 2 points, 4th team 1 point each. 


Supplies: mad lib printed to complete and one for each to take home
Description: Do this together. No points are given for this one. You can either have one of the girls read the sheet for what words you need or you can have an adult do that part and the girls can take turns naming off the different types of words. Just note on the madlib, the words in the title are used throughout the finished product.

Introduction: In their free time, reindeer love to write letter and re-write songs. Their favorite one to rewrite and sing is "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer". Let's rewrite the song ourselves and sing it loud for all to hear.

Little DEERs

Supplies: Ziploc, printed labels, oatmeal, bird seed, red and green sugar crystals
Description: We have a little Daisy troop that the Cadettes mentor. This is a little gifty for the Daisies from the Cadettes, so as part of their holiday party make magic Reindeer food. I searched high and low for a recipe that was okay to put outside. i didn't want to endorse scattering glitter on the ground. I'm not a bird killer. So, here is the recipe:

2 c. oats
2 c. birdseed
2 tbls red colored sugar
2 tbls green colored sugar

Mix together and divide into ziploc bags. 
Attach Reindeer Food labels with poem.

Introduction: We all love our little dear Daisies, so we are going to make something for them to welcome the reindeer to their homes. This recipe is to share the magic of the season.

EnDEER to the End

Supplies: Solo Cups
Description: This is a cup stacking game. You give each girl a stack of 28 cups. They race to see who can get them stacked into a shape of a tree the fastest. Solo cups works great for this, but if you are trying to save money, you could use dixie cups or the clear plastic cups. I had 3 girls playing, so it was okay cost-wise. Another idea is to take turns and time it to see who can stack the fastest, then you don't have to have as many cups.

Introduction: Reindeer know how to put up a tree, no matter what they have to construct it out of. Grab your cups and stack it up... into a tree shape that is. Don't worry about the trunk, cedar tree limbs brush the ground. 

ReinDEER Snacks
Supplies: Rootbeer, chex mix
Description: It's snack time... just point them in the direction and they'll figure it out.

Introduction: After a long night of flight, reindeer love going back to the north pole for a cool, refreshing Root-Deer.. along with some salty reindeer chex!

This was definitely a copy from Cher at Life.Design.and the Pursuit of Craftiness. I tweaked it and added and changed a few things to make it work for our meeting. It was super fun to plan. I did redo the handouts for games and added in a scoring sheet for the bubbles and overall totals for our party and have those linked below.

Game Board

Supplies: posterboard, printed game titles, printed game introductions, scrapbook paper (or cardstock or construction paper), repositionable glue dots

Directions: Using a large piece of poster board, I created our Game Board and put all the titles on it. Then, I covered each with a piece of paper. On the side facing the title, I put the Introduction for each game and any directions that I was afraid I would forget. That way, I didn’t have to have this packet with me. Everything I needed to know was on the card I flipped over. To secure them in place, I used repositionable glue dots (though, velcro will work well if you decide to splurge and get it laminated... which I might just do!)… They hold tight and yet you can move them around when needed.

As we progressed through the games, it was fun to say “Let’s see what’s next!” and remove the card to reveal the game title. It kept it suspenseful!

Listed below are all the games we played, the supplies, the descriptions and introductions. Have fun!!



  1. I have a multi-level troop. With a little tweeking, like prizes for all instead of a points system, and having all set up around gym with volunteers working different tables so girls can work their way around room, and finishing the night with our gift exchange playing the left right game. Thanks so much for sharing this!!!!

  2. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing

  3. WOW! This looks like so much fun! I have Cadettes as well and was working on my Christmas party plan just the other day....think I am going to rethink those plans! Thanks a ton for sharing!



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