Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Boost Your Cookie Sales

I am part of an amazing Service Team who are constantly coming up with ways to help our leaders. We have put together 2 great resource packets of activities to help you get your girls ready for a successful and fun cookie season!

There are 18 activities in each resource pack AND there is a patch you can earn if you complete 8 of them. 

I'm going to be honest and say that quantities for the patch are VERY limited (less than 400), BUT it's a super cute patch! So, if you think you can get the activities done and you want your girls to have a patch to prove it... order the patch. 

At the least, check out the activities and use them to help your troop prepare for a successful cookie sales season. 

So, why two? What's the difference? No matter what baker your Council uses, we have a Resource Packet for you. There is one for Little Brownie Bakers and one for ABC Bakers. Each have the 2016 lineup, including the optional gluten-free Trios for the ABC Bakers regions. 

And order your patches here: (We have some adorable Lemonade 10th Birthday Patches right now, too.)

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  1. Hi thanks for the ideas! We're not going to do the whole patch but we will use some of the ideas to practice our skills!



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