Monday, January 11, 2016

Cricut: Build a Girl Scout

This was shared on the Cricut board.
Scarf is not the correct color, but this
is the idea. 
I made a kaper chart a few years ago that had a character for each girl with her name on it. I laminated them and attached a magnet to the back to move it around my cookie sheet kaper chart. 

It was adorable and at the end of the year, the girls took them home with them. While doing a post today I remembered I had a "formula" for an adorable little Girl Scout paperdoll. 

What you need:

Cricut cutting machine
Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge
various cardstock papers

I cut all the pieces on the 3 3/4” setting
Body (Flesh tone cardstock): Blackout (I drew faces on later and prefer the thicker cut)

Shirt (white or light blue depending on the level uniform you are making): Promboy Shirt

Vest (appropriate vest color cardstock): Leprechan Accessories 2 Shadow - cut off tails and sleeves

Skirt  (appropriate color cardstock; Daisy is blue, Brownie is brown, all others is khacki): Cowgirl Blackout - cut off fringe

Pants (appropriate color cardstock; Daisy is blue, Brownie is brown, all others is khacki): Promboy Blackout

Shoes (appropriate color cardstock): Raggedy Doll Girl Accessories 1

Hat (Daisies and Brownies have beanies, the rest don't) : Outfit 3 shadow cut off antennae

Hair (This is what I used; however you can do whatever style you want): Mermaid headwear

Scarf (new in 2015, the scarves are back... you'll want to see which color to use): Raggedy Boy shift blackout OR Witch shift blackout OR Pilgrim Girl shift Accessories 1 or Cowboy shift Accessories 1 

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