Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Daisy: Count It Up Leaf, Talk it Up Leaf, Cookie Activity Pin

One question a lot of new leaders ask me is "Can you combine activities and earn multiple things?" Now, I would say this is a personal preference and I don't suggest you water down any badge, but i also don't suggest you beat a dead horse, so to speak. You will find, especially during Cookie Season that the Cookie Badges tie in with the Cookie Activity Pin. My thought is, if you discuss it well and cover it well, then it counts!

So, in one meeting, we went through the Cookie Activity Pin and tied it in with the Count It Up and Talk It Up Leaves for the Daisy program. Just double check and make sure you cover all the requirements for all. You may end up doing 7 things instead of 5. That's still better than 15 things, when some are repetitive.

NOTE: I am going to shorten Cookie Activity Pin  to CAP to save myself a little typing. Okay? Cool.

The Breakdown of the three earned items

For the CAP, you need to discuss:
  1. Goal Setting
  2. Decision Making
  3. Money Management
  4. People Skills
  5. Business Ethics
Count It Up Leaf
  1. Find out how much cookies cost
  2. Learn about different kinds of cookies
  3. Set a Goal
Talk It Up Leaf
  1. Decide how to use money
  2. Talk about how to use money to help others
  3. Inspire your customers
I bet if you look at these lists, you can see how both of the leaves are covered with the CAP. Right? Let's break it down. 

Count It Up Leaf #3: Set a Goal and CAP #1 Goal Setting

We talked about our Council Goal, Service Unit Goal and how that breaks down to individual girl goals. We learned how much we get from cookies per box and what that means for our troop. At Daisy level, goal setting has to have parent involvement and thankfully my parents were there to hear and understand the importance of working together as a team.

Talk It Up Leaf #1 & #2 AND CAP #2 Decision Making

Daisies are young, if you haven't noticed. The thought of having their very own money is exciting. We spent some time discussing the money was theirs as a troop, but not theirs individually. Money should benefit the troop (and others, which is coming). So, we talked about the 3 way split. 1/3 for next year, 1/3 for fun, 1/3 for giving back. With the 1/3 for fun, we talked about various things to do that would be fun. You want them to make the decision, yet you do need to guide them a little... otherwise, they decide that a troop kitten is a great idea! HA!

Be sure to give examples of things the troop needs to purchase... like badges, books, uniforms, event registration, or whatever your troop decides to spend money on. 

Discuss groups in your local community that would benefit from having a little extra help. You don't necessarily need to give the group 1/3 of the income in one lump sum. I like to explain that we do service projects throughout the year and that money is set aside to help out and pay for things we give away. Rarely do we write a group a check. Most of the time, it's more items that we donate to organizations.

Count It Up Leaf #1: Find out how much cookies cost AND CAP #3 Money Management

Since this was the girls first year, I didn't have to go through the whole "Yes, cookies are now $5 a box and not $4 box", but I did mention it because I know their customers will notice. 

We talked about where the money goes from cookie sales. Thankfully, our Council gave us a great chart this year that breaks it down by the box to show how much goes to the baker, administration, troops, service units, etc. Parents appreciated this part of the discussion, too. 

Count it Up #2: Learn about different kinds of cookies and CAP #4 People Skills

We listed all the cookies and then we did a pop quiz to see how many of them knew what color box the Thin Mints came in. I mentioned to parents that I noticed with my older troop that box color was one of the first things the girls had memorized. In fact, when sorting and setting up for booths we often say "I need 6 more oranges" rather than calling cookies by name. It's our own little secret code. 

After we had that down, we practiced dealing with customers... explaining what we were doing, who we were, and why cookie sales are important to our troop and community.

Talk It Up #3: Inspire customers

For this part, we focused on what we feel customers really care about. How can we explain to our customer that they are supporting local troops, helping their community, and they can even buy cookies to donate to a charity we have selected? We went through all this information and even though the girls are young, we discussed how marketing is HUGE for sales. Put your best foot forward. Make eye contact. Don't mumble. Smile! Use good manners no matter if you make the sale or not. Show you care about your customer and their property by watching where you walk, helping out with something you notice, etc. All those things help people feel they are really doing a good thing and not just buying cookies.

CAP #5 Business Ethics

We went line by line and came up with ways we can live the Girl Scout Law during cookie season. I asked parents to please listen and remember they are representing Girl Scouts, as well. It's important to remember we are part of the largest girl-led business in the world and an organization that is over 100 years old. It's cool to be a Girl Scout and it's important to remember our values.

So, there you have it... 2 petals and 1 pin... 1 meeting. It can be done... It can even be done in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.This also works GREAT if you are doing cookie training for families at the same time. That's what I did and it worked marvelously. Then, the girls worked on thank you notes while I did the boring administration part of sales that parents needed to know about. 


  1. We did this with out Daisies this year and it worked great. The leafs and pin went well together. We were easily able to cover everything in one meeting.

  2. Remember, if you do an activity it cannot be counted for a leaf AND CAP using the same activity. That is called double dipping.

    1. That's really up to the discretion of the leader. There is no rule saying you can't combine activities for 2 things. I agree, you shouldn't water down any earned badge or pin. But, I also don't doubt the intelligence of my girls by repeating the same activities multiple times.



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