Monday, January 4, 2016

Daisy Petal: Gloria - Respect Myself and Others

We reached the Gloria petal about the same time cookie sales began. What a wonderful tie in!

Enjoy Gloria’s Story and talk about it

The overview of Gloria's story is that the Flower Friends are going to a surprise party for their friend. You walk through how it's important to take care of your body, wash and dress appropriately to show respect for others and yourself, and using good manners. At the end you ask the girls questions about the different types of respect and how they showed respect for themselves and others in the story. It's a pretty easy peasy activity.

Invite an Older Girl Scout to talk to your group about ways to respect yourself and others

If you read my blog, you know I have 2 troops. A Daisy and a Cadette troop. My Cadettes have been helping with the Daisies and this was the last meeting they helped. Thankfully, that made it easy to have an older Girl Scout talk with the girls. I would suggest you choose wisely and make sure whomever is speaking with the girls shows a respect for themselves and others. It doesn't really work, otherwise. (Don't scoff at me. You know what I mean! Choose a role model.)

Petal: Practice Respecting Myself and Others

Since the story was all about a birthday party and because we were entering cookie season, it only made sense to me to have the girls make Thank You cards. We talked about making sure they were polite to potential customers and how to thank people for their time, even if they didn't buy cookies. It's easy to get caught up and excited about orders and forget to say thank you, but you try your best to remember if you want repeat customers.

Each girl was given supplies to make 4 thank you cards that they could use for anything they needed. Thanking someone for a gift they received. Thanking a customer for a purchase. Thanking a friend for doing something nice or just being a friend. 

In addition, I had printed out a sheet with cookie graphics and a Thank You message. Each girl signed the sheet and I'll have them photocopied and ready to go with their cookie orders when initial sales arrive. 

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