Monday, February 22, 2016

Service Project: Power Pins

I have mentioned these a couple times over the years as part of a journey in a sleepover plan. I have had several people ask me what they are and how to make them. I guess I left out that minor detail huh? 

Okay... So... Power Pins... we made and donated these to a local Women's Shelter to remind them they are powerful and strong. We included a note of encouragement to let them know they had someone who believed they could overcome their past. 

Coiless Safety Pins (Find those in the jewelry department)

Various colors of pony beads (We used red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, and white)

Simply thread the beads onto the pin and attach a tag that explains the meaning of each
color. Now, colors have various meanings depending on the website you find. This is what we said they meant: 

Red: Strength
Blue: Stability
Green: Energetic
Yellow: Optimistic
Orange: Healthy
Purple: Unique
White: Peace

We made cute tags that had the colors, short description of the meaning behind the pin, and our troop number. The tags were tied onto the pin with ribbon. 

Power Pin PDF (fill in your troop number on the blank lines)

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