Friday, March 25, 2016

Daisy: Making Choices Petal

Step 1: Difference between Need and Want

Supplies: Making Choices booklet from the Daisy Girl's Guide

There is a great worksheet in the booklet with photos of needs and wants. It was shocking to see how wise these young girls were... one of the photos had a stack of blue jeans. One girl said "That's a want. You don't need a whole STACK of jeans." Obviously, she is not a child of the 90s where you have a pair of jeans for every day of the week plus a few more... HA!

Step 2: Try setting a goal

Supplies: Making Choices booklet from the Daisy Girl's Guide

This was a fun one... I had the girls think of something they would want to purchase and decided on it... As a computer programmer and publicly declared nerd/geek, I was quite proud of their choice. 

The girls decided they wanted an online account to access MineCraft... uh huh... MineCraft... 6 year old girls choosing a simulation game for building their own world. Absolutely awesome! That's right, girls, blast those stereotypes to smithereens!! 

Here was our budget:
  • Minecraft costs $26.95 for an online subscription
  • We get $5/month for allowance and intend to save it all... no ice cream until we have Minecraft!
  • It will take us 6 months to have enough money to purchase the game and then we'll have to work with Mom/Dad to set it up.
  • With the remaining money in the 6th month, we'll ask to go to McDonald's for an ice cream cone!

Step 3: Help Others

Supplies: chopsticks, cardstock stars, glitter glue, laminated tags, ribbon, glue
Image from Magic Wand Project FB Page

Magic Wand Project - make wands and discuss what things they can do for their 3 RAK

Now, I will say this effort doesn't seem to be very active, but... that shouldn't stop you. Having something as cute and fun as a magic wand to spread cheer is ALWAYS a good idea. So... build on, fearless Leader.

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