Thursday, March 3, 2016

Global Action 2016

This year's theme for Global Action is Increasing Girls’ Access to Education.”

For my Daisy's, they are supposed to draw a picture of their classroom and then compare it to classrooms around the world. Seems simple enough, right?

Before you go off to Google, let me help you out... this is crazy easy!! I ran across a Reuter's photography project that has pictures of.... drum roll please... classrooms around the world!!! They also have the cutest video ever of kiddos from all over the world.

So... there you go... Global Action 2016.

Have the girls draw a picture of their classroom and discuss their favorite parts. Then, show them the pictures of the other classrooms and have them spot the differences.

WOO HOO!! I love it when things work out so well, don't you?

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