Monday, March 21, 2016

Is this the hill?

So the past few posts haven't been badge related and this one isn't going to be either... sorry... I promise I'll get back to that. Very soon.

You can tell it's cookie season. Everyone is stressed, tired, and counting the days until it's over. This happens each year and I tell myself to remember that it's just cookie season. It isn't really how I feel. I don't really want to throw in the towel and say "forget it!" I don't really want to reclaim the hours I put in each year and spend them doing nothing... though, it does sound lovely at times and think of how clean my house would be.

I've been struggling with personal "stuff" lately and decided to go on a quest to better my understanding and give clarity to situations. While on that quest, I read a book about choosing battles. We've all said that, right? "Choose your battles"... with kids, with spouses, with friends... but this one was a little different and I really grasped the concept... it stuck deep in my mind and heart... "Is this the hill you want to die on?" 

Maybe that won't speak as loudly to you as it did to me, but when dealing with frustrated leaders, upset parents, and the emails about what's not being done correctly (oh yes, I get to hear all the criticisms) I receive each week... I keep in mind that I don't want to die on this hill... very seldom is an issue worth dying over.

I'm not saying I don't fight for my girls, because I do. I'm not saying I don't defend my friends and volunteers, because I do. I just try to be flexible enough to not dig my heels in unless it's something that REALLY matters. Those items are far and few between. 

Does it really matter if we take a few extra couples for a dance after the deadline? Nope. Would it matter to have sad little girls that just wanted to go to a dance with their Daddy? Yep. Decision made. Be flexible. 

You can only control your actions and your reactions... you can't control someone else's actions or reactions. You CAN control your decision whether or not to die on that hill. 

I really wish I was a chemist, because I've been trying to figure out a formula that starts with the same 2 elements and then depending on what you add the item will explode or neutralize/stabilize... if anyone can help me with that... I'd love to know. This is where I wish I would have take more science... just for this blog post. HA.

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