Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Super Scout Summer Patch Program

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I'm very excited to announce the Super Scout Summer patch program. This patch program encourages scouts to put down the electronics and check out the great outdoors for a variety of activities. Some of the activities may require use of the internet, but only for research briefly before heading outside for fun.

This is the 1st patch program offered by BCG Patches. Yep.. it's a new venture of mine that I've been working on for a while. 

Scouts earn this patch by completing various activities outlined in the Super Scout Summer Patch Program guide.

Patches are currently being manufactured. They are scheduled to arrive early May 2016. 

Patches are:

  • 3" circle 
  • Fully embroidered
  • Sew-On patches We chose sew on, because let's be honest.. iron on patches don't adhere and stay for long and you end up sewing it on or purchasing fusible web or patch glue to make it stay anyway. So, why add the cost. 

Patches are $2.00 each. This includes tax and shipping costs. Orders containing 7 or more patches will have tracking numbers assigned. 

Email updates on the order status will be sent weekly... typically Thursday or Friday. 


A portion of the profits will be donated to Troop 70258 for their 2017 trip to Girl Scouts National Convention in Columbus, Ohio. This is NOT a fundraiser for their troop, but a small way for me to "give back". 


  1. How soon do you need the pre-orders? Thanks! Stephanie

  2. The patches have been ordered... once the stash is depleted, I'll evaluate the need and determine if a reorder is necessary. :)

  3. Is it too late to order...if not...I'd love to order some.

    1. I have plenty. Order in the store link in the post.

  4. I finally got a chance to show this to my daughter and she's excited to do it this summer. Thanks for the great idea and for giving her a chance to earn her first fun patch for her Cadette uniform next fall!

  5. Do we need to pre-order these? I am presenting a list of optional badges to my Daisies at our end of year party. It is not mandatory for them to complete them but rather a fun way to stay busy this summer while we are not having regular meetings. I don't know which girls will choose to complete this patch but would hate for them to not be able to get it if they do the requirements.

    1. Hey, Jenny! I HIGHLY recommend you order the patches now if you want them. You can always sell extras on various facebook groups (Girl Scout Badge Swap, Fun Patches to Buy/Sell). I have sold out 2 times and I have placed another order to arrive end of May. I would find out if they want to do this and place the order.

    2. I had the same question. Thanks!



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