Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Daisy Petal: Vi - Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout

Read Vi's Story & Talk About It

The title says it all. I read the story. We answered the questions... it was a little sad, because this was the last story I read to the Daisy's. The end of the petals. Also the end of my leadership for this group of girls. Their parents take over and move with them to Brownies. 

Make a mural

This is where I take liberties... I have 1st grade Daisies. They are really good at sharing, but seriously? You want me to have them work on one project and then what? Cut it apart? Ugh. So, I put together sheets for the girls to make paper doll chains that have the girls holding hands and the space between looks like hearts. We talked about Friendship circles and how we need to be friends and help one another. It was cool. And no one left in tears over not having the piece of the mural they wanted. Win! Sheet to download below.

Practice being a sister

We invited Brownies to our meeting. The Brownies told my Daisy's about what they have done as Brownie Girl Scouts and all the fun they've had. The Brownies taught them the Brownie Smile Song. We made SWAPs together that was about Juliette's pearls. Huge success. SWAP resource tags below with instructions.


Juliette's Pearls SWAP 

small jewelry bags (2x3)
pearls (get the fake beads, it's okay)
safety pin

  1. Print and cut apart SWAP sheet
  2. Put one of the sheets into a jewelry bag
  3. Drop in 3 pearls. One for each part of the promise
  4. Seal baggie and attach safety pin.

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