Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Daisy: Safety Award Pin

Daisies don't have a First Aid badge, so to speak, but they do have a safety award pin they can earn. It's a cute little blue cross with a trefoil in it. That's pretty spectacular, so earn it for those sweet little faces. 

Now... I'm all about learning through fun. They retain it better and there is less whining... win-win. 

We turned this into an obstacle course. I asked parents beforehand to make sure everyone knew their phone number. it was needed for station 1.

The girls stood in a single line and took turns going through the stations. When the first girl was done with station 1, she went to 2, and the 2nd girl in line started her adventure.

Station 1. Know what to do if you get lost

I had each of the girls write down their phone number before we began. Then I scrambled them up in a pile and laid them out flat on a table at station 1. They had to tell us one thing they would do that would be helpful (crying is not helpful, but definitely a result of being lost) and find their phone number.

Station 2. Know what to do if someone is choking

We brought in stuffed animals and demonstrated the Heimlich on the stuffed animal. I decided that was safer than possibly having a few cracked ribs... girls are rough. Don't let their sweet little faces fool you!

When the girls reached station 2, they needed to name 1 thing that would be easy to choke on, demonstrate the international sign for choking, and save the stuffed moose. 

Station 3. Know how to stop, drop, and roll

We talked about WHY they would do this and WHERE it would be safe (not inside the burning building... get outside... don't choose a pile of dry leaves...). 

They had to stop, drop, and roll their way across the finish line. 

If you have time, let them divide up into teams and race against one another or just go through it multiple times. Practice helps the memory, too. 



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