Thursday, May 19, 2016

mYOUsic Patch Program

UPDATE 1/11/17: This patch is now sold out and I do not plan to reorder. If you want to know about new patch programs and more information about availability as time goes one, please sign up for the BCG Patches Newsletter.

I have been excited about this day for over a month now! Seriously stupid excited!!!

My awesome, talented, amazing step-daughter helped design this patch program. She is a major rock star in my world and totally jams out on the guitar... for real... you should see the video of her singing a song she wrote... music and lyrics... crazy talented... and after 1 year of guitar lessons... ONE YEAR!!!!

Anyway, the mYOUsic will help Discover different types of music from various decades with this mYOUsicPatch Program. Through this patch program, you’ll discover how to put YOU into the world of music. Whether you are already passionate about music or just want to find the perfect genre, this program will help you have fun while exploring the world of music.

Patch is geared to tween/teen, but I think it would work for any age or gender. Sample activities are rewriting your fave song, watch a musical, talk to someone in the biz, listen to a variety of genres and decades of music. :)

Order Patch Here (not taking orders off comments):

Download Guide Here:

and if you want to listen to my amazing talented step-daughter... check out the video... she wrote the lyrics and music... don't judge her videographer.. 

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