Sunday, June 26, 2016

Girl Scout Sand Ceremony

I did a Sand Ceremony with my little girls moving up to Brownies. I came up with this based on the sand ceremonies couples have been doing lately instead of unity candles or in addition to... 

This could be used for bridging. I'm sure you could come up with things for the other levels, too.

4oz canning jars
one piece lids
solo cups

We poured the sand into solo cups so the girls could squeeze to make them funnel into the jars. Using the 4oz jars, it's easier to pour sand into the jar. 

IF the jars aren't full with the ceremony, then allow the girls to use the colors to layer in however they want.

Today, we are going to make a sand jar to represent our Girl Scout journey.

Becoming a Girl Scout was very exciting. We’ve worked hard to learn the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law. To symbolize your true love for being a Girl Scout add green sand to your jar.

Your first experience with Girl Scouting was as a Daisy, dressed in Daisy blue. I’ll never forget how excited each of you were to put on your Daisy vest. Add blue sand to your jar to represent your Daisy years.

As meetings went on, you learned that Daisy Girl Scouts are special, named after our Founder’s nickname. Juliette Low sold a strand of pearls to help fund the Girl Scout Movement so long ago. Add some white sand to symbolize the pearls and the devotion Juliette had to make her dream of forming Girl Scouts come true.

The next step for each of you, will be Brownie Girl Scouts. It will be an exciting time and you’ll get to do so many fun activities. Add a little brown sand to the top to represent the beginning of your Brownie years.

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