Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Go Wild Patch Program

In the June 2016 BCG Patches newsletter, my next patch program will be launched. I'm trying to see how big of a blog following I have and how much traffic comes from here. 

That means you get to know FIRST that the patch and program guide are available in the store. The patch is a pre-order and is arriving early July. But, if you don't want to wait you can order it now and then I'll ship it as soon as I get it. 

I really love this patch. I know I should, because it's my own custom design. But seriously, it has an armadillo and a bat on it!!! I think bats are cool and they eat mosquitoes, so they are my friends. Armadillos are just weird little creatures and they were a "life goal" for my girl for quite some time to see one in real life. We tried several times at zoos and trips and she never was able to see one. But, each time she wasn't with us we'd see several. It became a joke. So much so that I stopped on the side of the road to take a picture of roadkill armadillo and messaged her the picture. Apparently, that's what it took. Since then, she's seen several. We bought armadillo slippers to celebrate. 

The Go Wild Patch Program is about exploring nature and learning about different elements. It has a section to practice your skills for basic survival and preparedness. Any age group can complete this patch program, but the hope is that 4th grade and up will really enjoy it. You can use the program for filler activities during a camping trip, plan the camping trip around the program, or complete over a few hikes and park visits. Activities include identifying flowers, grasses, trees, animal tracks, and documenting the journey... all while practicing Leave No Trace. 

You can download the 12 page Program Guide for free. Patches are 2 1/2", fully embroidered, and sew on. They are $2 each, which includes shipping. All patches need to be ordered through the store, so I can keep track of inventory. 

Order and download the FREE Program Guide

Order Patches Here (Watch the store for availability)

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.


  1. Are these available for large orders? This sounds like the perfect patch for our GS vs Wild station at day camp this year. We would need them before the first week of August.

    1. Absolutely! I have about 500 in stock right now. You are welcome to as many as you want. :)



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