Monday, June 6, 2016

Reflection Time

I'm entering my 7th year as a Girl Scout Leader and my 39th year as a human... I would say that means I have 15 years of adult womanhood... maybe a few less... maybe a few more. 

Sometimes it is hard for me to remember how I overcame the learning curve of scouting. Other times, I realize I'm still working on that and struggling with it daily. 

I guess today I just want to speak to my new leader followers and my veteran leaders. We need to cut each other some slack. 

Veterans: We need to remember we were new once and it's hard to enter into this world and feel like you are doing what you should. 

New Leaders: Don't think it's a stupid question. Don't think you are being judged by fellow Leaders. REAL Leaders won't judge you. They'll find a polite way to help and offer assistance. That's what REAL Leaders do. If you don't have one of those REAL Leaders in your world, I urge you to find one. I'd be honored to help until you can find one close to where you live to  meet face to face. 

Unfortunately, and fortunately, there are many different personalities in the scout leader world. It means when we work together, we are unstoppable. It means when we spend our time criticizing instead of helping, we are our own destruction. 

Recently, I had a talk with my almost 14 year old and I told her that no matter what she does in life, she needs to understand she will never satisfy everyone. It's impossible. You will always be disappointing someone and sometimes it's yourself that is the most disappointed. The goal is to minimize those instances of self disappointment. Be true to yourself. Spend time getting to know who you are, if you don't already. Reclaim yourself if you've strayed. You are worth it. 

As a woman, it's hard. No matter what choice you make, you tell yourself you are letting someone down. Too many times, we hear that from other women, too. We hear it from the media, the latest psychological reports outlining the downfall of today's youth, the doctors that question why we didn't notice whatever ailment earlier, our Moms, our sisters, our friends, and too often, ourselves. 

We need to bond together. We need to help one another. We need to be the cheerleader for our fellow scout leaders. I want to believe that we are all doing the best we can. If you are giving your best, then you are fine. 

Take some time off. Give yourself a break. Remember why you started this journey. Find what is keeping you around. Set a goal for future involvement. 

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