Sunday, June 19, 2016

She's a rock star!!

A year ago, this girl decided that she was going to focus on music and give up the troop pathway with Girl Scouts... It broke my heart... this past year was really rough, but she's so devoted to her music and has worked so hard. I was speaking with a friend and we were discussing the choice she made... I told her, "You know... we work so hard to build girls of courage, confidence and character... then, we are so sad when they leave scouts to spread their wings and fly forward with something they love. I commend young women that make scouts the priority. But, I also have to say I'm proud of those that find their passion and go for it. I believe this is part of what Juliette Low was fighting for... choices for our young women.... and they have that today.... choices."

She's worked hard. She writes her own songs. She does covers for others. She makes each song her own. Seeing her on stage... she is courageous, confident, and full of character... she definitely makes the world a better place... she is everything Girl Scouts works hard to give young women... I'm so proud she's my step-daughter.

The videos are about 50 minutes total... the venue was loud and the sound isn't the greatest... but she's a rock star... and not even 14. 

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