Monday, July 18, 2016


I'm turning 40 next year... 40.... like 4... 0.... I don't feel 40... people tell me I don't look 40, but really who is going to say "yeah, you totally look 40!" to someone that is almost 40 and not be running the other direction as fast as possible!!?? 

So, I have started thinking about what I want to do to commemorate this event... I thought about 40 fun things to do, but that sounds costly and I love me, but come on... no... so, now I'm thinking about 40 random acts of kindness with the snag that I can't buy anything to do it... so it's got to be stuff I have on hand (crafter galore here) or things I do... like real "acts". I'm serious about this, too... I was going to do something like this for 35, but it didn't happen... but 40... 40 deserves some attention... and positive attention, not negative attention... 

if you want to help me out with this, leave a comment of something I could do that would be no cost or low cost... 

Some ideas I have swirling... I don't want to do ALL of these... but maybe one... or maybe 10 of each or something to total 40... I need guidance... help..

1. Make 40 swaps and give to 40 Girl Scouts
2. Make 40 Love Rocks and place in 40 different places throughout my hometown
3. Donate 40 books that I own to the local women's refuge home
4. Write 40 thank you notes
5. Say hello and smile to 40 strangers

... stuff like that... 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Fall Frenzy Patch Program

If you aren't signed up for the BCG Patches Newsletter or belong to one of the Facebook groups where patches go to be loved, then you may have missed the announcement today. YIKES!!!

The Program Guide for the next patch program has been debuted in the store today. Patches will be arriving mid-August 2016. They are ordered, but I don't want to start taking orders until I can fill those orders. The plan is to keep the patch in the store through November 15th, unless sales are just not going well then I may need to reevaluate that decision... or I may have them longer stuck with the ones from the initial order. Though, considering the response thus far... I don't really think I should worry about it. 

Okay... enough blabbering... Fall Frenzy Program Guide is in the store! Go get your FREE download!

Fall means cooler weather, less bugs, and tons of opportunities to make memories to last a lifetime. Get excited and get out to enjoy the gorgeous scenery Fall has to offer.

Choose from 20 activities to earn 100 points and earn the Fall Frenzy patch! Patches are ordered and will be arriving mid-August 2016. 

Sample activities include:

  • Start a patch blanket
  • Go leaf peeping
  • Try a hot mulled cider recipe
  • plant bulbs for Spring

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Humble & Kind

I'm probably late to the party, but this song speaks so deep to my heart. While it isn't truly scout related, I think it should be the foundation for any life or organization. 

No matter how far you go, no matter how successful you become... don't let it go to your head. Don't forget to help others. Don't forget why you started this journey and all the help you had along the way. Don't think you did it on your own. No matter how many people say they are "self-made", they aren't... you aren't... maybe we've just become too self-centered to recognize the people around us helping, lifting, cheering, and stepping back while we take the spotlight. 

I guess I just wanted to remind myself, and anyone else that needs it, to remain humble and kind... It's really hard for me to receive a compliment, because I know that while I am good at things, I'm not the only one that can do what I do and in my heart I want others to know I really do want them to succeed... 

You know what they call a leader without followers? Someone just taking a walk. 

Don't forget when you get where you're going to turn around and help the next in line. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Theme Year for Leaders

I'm working on Program Guides today for 4 different patch programs that are coming up this Fall. This is my allowed break... and roasting tomatoes for tomato paste. Did you know I love gardening? I do. I get that from my Dad. I hate picking green beans, but I love having home canned green beans... so I tell myself to just pick the beans and stop whining! Then, I yanked out the plants with pure delight when they stopped producing... plans to are to plant more for Fall beans next weekend, though, so I know it's only a matter of time before I have to make myself go pick beans. 

Anyway... topic at hand... collaboration is a good thing. If you ever get to the point where you think you have it under control and know exactly what you are going to do all year with your troop... take a deep breath and ask if you have just gone through the motions or if you really thought about trying something new. Chances are since you are here and reading this, you are on that journey for something new. 

Just this past week I was thinking about the leaders in our service unit (ok, really, I think about them a lot!). I'm the VSC (think Service Unit Manager with a swanky new title of Volunteer Support Coordinator) for the 4th year now and I've made it my mission to increase attendance and to reward those who attend our monthly Leader Meeting. I've struggled with how to do that... I've thought about prizes, but that gets costly. I've thought about "leader bucks", but then what do they purchase with them? I started looking around and found something delightful... handouts that you give only those that attend the meeting. Obviously, you can't stop people from sharing with friends that weren't there. But, hopefully it will entice them to attend. At the end of the Girl Scout year, they will have several idea sheets to help them and build upon. That's what I'm going to do. 

If you are looking for an idea to build this upon.... You could give out songs or games or ceremonies or traditions or who knows what all. But, that's going to
be my new thing.. a themed year for my Leaders. Bring it on... now, I need to decide on something cute and easy to give them to store them in... I have a couple ideas. I'm not going to tell you, though, until they know... so you have a couple months. I'm going to start this at the October 2016 meeting. 

OH... and even though you aren't "my leaders" (or maybe you are, stalkers of Service Unit 738), I will be sharing my themed year idea sheets here each month... so look forward to that the 2nd week of each month. Yay! You'll have to get your own way of storing them, though. :)

Here's to learning new tricks from experienced Leaders...!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Super Scout Summer party... rain version

This is where you find out I even tweak the patch programs I create. Yep. Sometimes you have to improvise when you plan an outdoor party months in advance and.... it rains. FUN!

This is what we did to earn our Super Scout Summer on a rainy day... For 10 girls, my budget was about $200. I'm sure I could have done it cheaper, but this was our last "hoo-rah" as a troop with my co-leader and I as their leaders. 

Sidewalk chalk
I have a sidewalk in front of my house. Each girl took a square on the pavement and decorated it up. I had also wrote in huge letters "Super Scout Summer Party" with arrows and directions to the back of the house... which we didn't use, because we had to do chalk first to beat the rain... fun times... but the girls loved decorating the sidewalk.

Supplies: Chalk - Purchased the classroom pack from Oriental Trading. TONS of chalk. Each girl got her own baggies of 10 pieces to use for decorating and to keep. They were very excited they were able to keep the bags of chalk to take home with them. 

Make a coloring page
Using the squiggle method, the girls filled a white piece of paper with pencil drawn squiggles, then were instructed to only color 25-50% of the page with color. The idea was to have them do a little free form work to create the design and then leave some white space to complement their color. 

Supplies: Paper, Pencils, crayons

Color and build a kite
Remember... impending rain storm... like thunderstorm watch rain storm... We did not decorate our kites. The girls each got a pack of 8 permanent markers to take with them to color their kites. We DID put the kites together and the girls loved running around the backyard to make them "fly", since the air was too still for actual flying of kites. We made the best of it... and I have some really cute pics of little girls with kites sort of in the air... smiles and giggles, so all is well.

Supplies: Kite Kits, Permanent Markers (Oriental Trading)
Trail Mix bar & watching clouds
I set up bowls for each ingredient. The girls washed their hands and then filled a baggie however they pleased with the ingredients before them. I LOVE make your own trail mix bars, because you don't have to think about picky eaters. I was shocked at how many raisins we went through... not as shocked about the marshmallows.

Watching clouds consisted of standing on the patio and checking out the storm clouds rolling in... not exactly what I had envisioned (blankets on the ground, lying on  our backs looking for shapes and making up stories...)... but alas... silly weather.

Supplies: M&Ms, Raisins, Marshmallows, Pretzel sticks, Chex mix, Peanuts, Ziploc baggies
Sand jar ceremonyI posted about this earlier, so... check that post out. :)

Watermelon seed spitting
The best laid plans... Ugh.. okay.. so, I'm not a huge watermelon fan. But, we were going to spit seeds... guess what... too early in the season to get the watermelons with the great big black seeds... just the little white seeded watermelons are here right now... So... we enjoyed the watermelon slices very much... and then spit raisins instead. The girls thought it was hilarious and awesome. So... win!

Supplies: Watermelon seeds... or raisins... 

Hula hoop relay
In a very fast paced hula hoop relay as it started to sprinkle... we stood in a circle with joined hands and stepped through and bent down and got a hula hoop all the way around our circle going over each of us. The girls were full of giggles as as raced the storm... but, we made it!

Supplies: hula hoops

Fingerprint murals
I feel as though the cards were stacked against me... seriously... the last thing we did was make fingerprint murals. Personalities really came out as they argued over who had which paper first... sigh... seriously, ladies, chill. But, we sort of made it through. Each girl selected a washable marker and colored one finger. They pressed it against the paper and then we slid to the paper to the person on our left where they added their fingerprint in their color. By the time we were done... and went through the stack because there was a traffic jam of papers in one area because of a trail mix spill... ha... each paper had 12 fingerprints. We were going to add hair, eyes, arms, legs, etc to make a mural.. but, I'm going to be honest here... It had been over 2 hours of fun and I had put in 70 hours at work that week and I was done...DONE... so, I told the girls how to complete them at home and we bagged up their stuff and finished up... and closed up the party... 

Supplies: Cardstock, Washable markers

If you would like to complete a Super Scout Summer Party of your own and get the patch to prove it... order here:
There is a guide to download with TONS of great ideas, too. And hopefully your weather cooperates more than mine...

There were other activities I had planned to do if a thunderstorm hadn't decided to rain on my day... but we needed the rain, so I won't be too upset about it. Plus, after the party, I went back to work and ended with 75 hours in 7 days... fun...