Monday, July 18, 2016


I'm turning 40 next year... 40.... like 4... 0.... I don't feel 40... people tell me I don't look 40, but really who is going to say "yeah, you totally look 40!" to someone that is almost 40 and not be running the other direction as fast as possible!!?? 

So, I have started thinking about what I want to do to commemorate this event... I thought about 40 fun things to do, but that sounds costly and I love me, but come on... no... so, now I'm thinking about 40 random acts of kindness with the snag that I can't buy anything to do it... so it's got to be stuff I have on hand (crafter galore here) or things I do... like real "acts". I'm serious about this, too... I was going to do something like this for 35, but it didn't happen... but 40... 40 deserves some attention... and positive attention, not negative attention... 

if you want to help me out with this, leave a comment of something I could do that would be no cost or low cost... 

Some ideas I have swirling... I don't want to do ALL of these... but maybe one... or maybe 10 of each or something to total 40... I need guidance... help..

1. Make 40 swaps and give to 40 Girl Scouts
2. Make 40 Love Rocks and place in 40 different places throughout my hometown
3. Donate 40 books that I own to the local women's refuge home
4. Write 40 thank you notes
5. Say hello and smile to 40 strangers

... stuff like that... 

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