Friday, July 15, 2016

Fall Frenzy Patch Program

If you aren't signed up for the BCG Patches Newsletter or belong to one of the Facebook groups where patches go to be loved, then you may have missed the announcement today. YIKES!!!

The Program Guide for the next patch program has been debuted in the store today. Patches will be arriving mid-August 2016. They are ordered, but I don't want to start taking orders until I can fill those orders. The plan is to keep the patch in the store through November 15th, unless sales are just not going well then I may need to reevaluate that decision... or I may have them longer stuck with the ones from the initial order. Though, considering the response thus far... I don't really think I should worry about it. 

Okay... enough blabbering... Fall Frenzy Program Guide is in the store! Go get your FREE download!

Fall means cooler weather, less bugs, and tons of opportunities to make memories to last a lifetime. Get excited and get out to enjoy the gorgeous scenery Fall has to offer.

Choose from 20 activities to earn 100 points and earn the Fall Frenzy patch! Patches are ordered and will be arriving mid-August 2016. 

Sample activities include:

  • Start a patch blanket
  • Go leaf peeping
  • Try a hot mulled cider recipe
  • plant bulbs for Spring

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