Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Super Scout Summer party... rain version

This is where you find out I even tweak the patch programs I create. Yep. Sometimes you have to improvise when you plan an outdoor party months in advance and.... it rains. FUN!

This is what we did to earn our Super Scout Summer on a rainy day... For 10 girls, my budget was about $200. I'm sure I could have done it cheaper, but this was our last "hoo-rah" as a troop with my co-leader and I as their leaders. 

Sidewalk chalk
I have a sidewalk in front of my house. Each girl took a square on the pavement and decorated it up. I had also wrote in huge letters "Super Scout Summer Party" with arrows and directions to the back of the house... which we didn't use, because we had to do chalk first to beat the rain... fun times... but the girls loved decorating the sidewalk.

Supplies: Chalk - Purchased the classroom pack from Oriental Trading. TONS of chalk. Each girl got her own baggies of 10 pieces to use for decorating and to keep. They were very excited they were able to keep the bags of chalk to take home with them. 

Make a coloring page
Using the squiggle method, the girls filled a white piece of paper with pencil drawn squiggles, then were instructed to only color 25-50% of the page with color. The idea was to have them do a little free form work to create the design and then leave some white space to complement their color. 

Supplies: Paper, Pencils, crayons

Color and build a kite
Remember... impending rain storm... like thunderstorm watch rain storm... We did not decorate our kites. The girls each got a pack of 8 permanent markers to take with them to color their kites. We DID put the kites together and the girls loved running around the backyard to make them "fly", since the air was too still for actual flying of kites. We made the best of it... and I have some really cute pics of little girls with kites sort of in the air... smiles and giggles, so all is well.

Supplies: Kite Kits, Permanent Markers (Oriental Trading)
Trail Mix bar & watching clouds
I set up bowls for each ingredient. The girls washed their hands and then filled a baggie however they pleased with the ingredients before them. I LOVE make your own trail mix bars, because you don't have to think about picky eaters. I was shocked at how many raisins we went through... not as shocked about the marshmallows.

Watching clouds consisted of standing on the patio and checking out the storm clouds rolling in... not exactly what I had envisioned (blankets on the ground, lying on  our backs looking for shapes and making up stories...)... but alas... silly weather.

Supplies: M&Ms, Raisins, Marshmallows, Pretzel sticks, Chex mix, Peanuts, Ziploc baggies
Sand jar ceremonyI posted about this earlier, so... check that post out. :)

Watermelon seed spitting
The best laid plans... Ugh.. okay.. so, I'm not a huge watermelon fan. But, we were going to spit seeds... guess what... too early in the season to get the watermelons with the great big black seeds... just the little white seeded watermelons are here right now... So... we enjoyed the watermelon slices very much... and then spit raisins instead. The girls thought it was hilarious and awesome. So... win!

Supplies: Watermelon seeds... or raisins... 

Hula hoop relay
In a very fast paced hula hoop relay as it started to sprinkle... we stood in a circle with joined hands and stepped through and bent down and got a hula hoop all the way around our circle going over each of us. The girls were full of giggles as as raced the storm... but, we made it!

Supplies: hula hoops

Fingerprint murals
I feel as though the cards were stacked against me... seriously... the last thing we did was make fingerprint murals. Personalities really came out as they argued over who had which paper first... sigh... seriously, ladies, chill. But, we sort of made it through. Each girl selected a washable marker and colored one finger. They pressed it against the paper and then we slid to the paper to the person on our left where they added their fingerprint in their color. By the time we were done... and went through the stack because there was a traffic jam of papers in one area because of a trail mix spill... ha... each paper had 12 fingerprints. We were going to add hair, eyes, arms, legs, etc to make a mural.. but, I'm going to be honest here... It had been over 2 hours of fun and I had put in 70 hours at work that week and I was done...DONE... so, I told the girls how to complete them at home and we bagged up their stuff and finished up... and closed up the party... 

Supplies: Cardstock, Washable markers

If you would like to complete a Super Scout Summer Party of your own and get the patch to prove it... order here: http://www.bcgpatches.com/store/p1/superscoutsummer
There is a guide to download with TONS of great ideas, too. And hopefully your weather cooperates more than mine...

There were other activities I had planned to do if a thunderstorm hadn't decided to rain on my day... but we needed the rain, so I won't be too upset about it. Plus, after the party, I went back to work and ended with 75 hours in 7 days... fun... 

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