Sunday, July 10, 2016

Theme Year for Leaders

I'm working on Program Guides today for 4 different patch programs that are coming up this Fall. This is my allowed break... and roasting tomatoes for tomato paste. Did you know I love gardening? I do. I get that from my Dad. I hate picking green beans, but I love having home canned green beans... so I tell myself to just pick the beans and stop whining! Then, I yanked out the plants with pure delight when they stopped producing... plans to are to plant more for Fall beans next weekend, though, so I know it's only a matter of time before I have to make myself go pick beans. 

Anyway... topic at hand... collaboration is a good thing. If you ever get to the point where you think you have it under control and know exactly what you are going to do all year with your troop... take a deep breath and ask if you have just gone through the motions or if you really thought about trying something new. Chances are since you are here and reading this, you are on that journey for something new. 

Just this past week I was thinking about the leaders in our service unit (ok, really, I think about them a lot!). I'm the VSC (think Service Unit Manager with a swanky new title of Volunteer Support Coordinator) for the 4th year now and I've made it my mission to increase attendance and to reward those who attend our monthly Leader Meeting. I've struggled with how to do that... I've thought about prizes, but that gets costly. I've thought about "leader bucks", but then what do they purchase with them? I started looking around and found something delightful... handouts that you give only those that attend the meeting. Obviously, you can't stop people from sharing with friends that weren't there. But, hopefully it will entice them to attend. At the end of the Girl Scout year, they will have several idea sheets to help them and build upon. That's what I'm going to do. 

If you are looking for an idea to build this upon.... You could give out songs or games or ceremonies or traditions or who knows what all. But, that's going to
be my new thing.. a themed year for my Leaders. Bring it on... now, I need to decide on something cute and easy to give them to store them in... I have a couple ideas. I'm not going to tell you, though, until they know... so you have a couple months. I'm going to start this at the October 2016 meeting. 

OH... and even though you aren't "my leaders" (or maybe you are, stalkers of Service Unit 738), I will be sharing my themed year idea sheets here each month... so look forward to that the 2nd week of each month. Yay! You'll have to get your own way of storing them, though. :)

Here's to learning new tricks from experienced Leaders...!


  1. Sweet, I'll be back and stalking...I mean gathering additional ideas for my own SU meetings. I am the SUM for gsosw su 67, no swanky new title unless that's part of the up coming team training.

  2. I would love to do this for my SU meetings this year. I'm gathering up ideas myself. I was going to start in September.

  3. I would love to do this for my SU meetings this year. I'm gathering up ideas myself. I was going to start in September.



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