Monday, October 10, 2016

I earn patches, so can you!

Little known fact.... maybe not.... leaders love earning patches, too.  Well, at least I do.

This week I'm attending the ColdFusion 2016 Summit in Las Vegas. You know I'm a computer programmer to pay the bills right?  I know,  poor me. Vegas for 5 days for work.

Anyway,  my husband came with me and we took a little drive to Red Rock Canyon.  It's awesome! It's definitely different natural elements than mid-Missouri.

So, I worked a little on Go Wild and Explore Earth.  I want those patches on my blanket, so I need to get them earned.

This post has no other point than to give you full permission to earn patches with or without your group.  Patch programs challenge and continue your learning.  They cultivate your creativity.  That's good for your brain and psychological well-being.  Never stop learning.

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