Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Penguin Party Patch Program

Wow... that title is full of "P's", huh? It could almost my a tongue twister (as I try it out quietly while no one is around to make fun of me...).

The November 2016 BCG Patch brings us Penguin Party.

If you need an idea for a super cool winter party for your group, this is it. They will unscramble REAL penguin names, learn a little about penguins without realizing (more if you are super sneaky like that), and have a lot of fun. There are Penguin Poop cleanup races (who doesn't want to race with penguin poo??), nest building, fish stacking, and of course... snacks!

All the activity sheets you need are found in the FREE Program Guide. I've even included board titles for your game day, so you can build something similar to the Reindeer Games of 2015.

The patch is super cute, too. Three little penguins who look all innocent and sweet, but the stack of snowballs may give their mischief away.

Please come along and host a Penguin Party this season. Patches are guaranteed through  March 15, 2017. Currently, they are "on the shelf" and ready to be shipped to you within 48 hours, Mon-Fri.

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