Monday, November 7, 2016

The 2016 Cookie List - not really Girl Scout related...

Each year I make a TON of cookies and treats... now when I tell people I make a ton of cookies they think I'm exaggerating or they jokingly say "Right... like a 1000?". I laugh right back and say "typically end up with over 100 dozen of cookies, treats, etc." At that point, their mouth drops open.

Treats are packaged up in tins and sent to homes far and wide. If you make the "cut" for the tin list, you can be sure you are very special to our family. If you don't make the "cut", it's probably because I had my annual cookie overload meltdown and I drew the line on the number of tins I was going to try to fill. I'm sure I threw in a comment about not having any left for my ornament cookie jar and how that was NOT going to happen!

The first step in the Christmas Cookie Craze is to make a list of which cookies are going to be made. That is today's post.

Most of these recipes can be found in the FREE Share the Season patch Program Guide

1. Sugar Cookies (tried and true and never going to be taken off the list! My Grandma's recipe with my own tweaks)
2. Russian Tea Cakes (Yes... rolled in powdered sugar even though that is a complete mess and I hate a mess)
3. Buckeyes
4. Cake balls (Yes... even though I really hate the many many many steps it takes to make these blasted little balls)
5. Peanut Blossoms (because I love my husband and father-in-law)
6. White Chocolate Dipped Pretzels (love my husband...)
7. Italian Butter Cookies (again... love my husband)
8. Thumbprints (love love love the girl!)
9. Checkerboard Cookies (this is the one cookie I make for ME! LOVE this cookie)
10. Cashew Brittle
11. something new... potentially the chocolate sugar cookies with melted white chocolate and sprinkles... it's an idea I have brewing.

You will notice there is not ONE dropped cookie in the lot. There are several that have to be rolled, shaped, dipped, molded, etc. This is why I take off work for 2 days prior to a weekend. It's also why my husband understands that during Cookie Baking Days I do not cook dinner. I may make soup or a crockpot meal, but I don't stand at the stove. He isn't allowed to cook and be in my way, either. My girl says I tend to get a little "focused", which is code for slightly mean.

The oven fires up by 7am and will go until 5 or 6pm, depending on the day. I take the list and break it down on when each is done (I'll do a post later on about that), complete with when dough is made and chilled, baking temps and times, etc. It's a big deal. My organizational skills are put to the test.

It may sound like a ton of work (it is) and not much fun (but, it is), but here's the secret... I absolutely LOVE those days. Baking and nothing else. Plus, the house smells divine during and after. There is not a candle in the world that can match the smell of fresh baked cookies.

So... there's the scoop... Share the Season is all about this tradition in my family. One I really hope you will start with your group or family. Have fun. Make a mess. Crank up the music. Turn on the sappy movies. Dance in your fuzzy socks. Make some memories!

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