Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Helping Hands: Felt Fish Cat Toys

Our troop is working on the Helping Hands patch program this year. We do one service project each month and at the end of the year, we'll have the patch earned. It helped us tremendously when planning our service meetings this year.

In January 2017, we focused on the Humane Society. We made felt fish stuffed with catnip. In February, we are delivering the fish and socializing the animals while we are there. It will be a fun trip for the troop.

So... felt fish... this is how we did it.

chipboard for pattern
embroidery floss
hot glue gun'hot glue sticks
large ziploc bag

Step 1: Make a pattern out of chipboard. 
I found a simple fish graphic. Printed it out on paper. Cut it out and then traced that onto chipboard (heavy cardboard like you find on the back of legal pads). I cut that out and voila... pattern.

Step 2: Using your pattern to trace onto felt. 
I double the layers of felt, so we always had matching sides for our fish if the shape happened to be a little off when they were cut out.

Step 3: Sew on an eye. 
Okay... so we were doing to do this to all of them and the girls were struggling... what's that saying about the best laid plans... anyway, we did sew eyes on about 6 of them and then decided to cut that from the list of "to do" items.

 Step 4: Hot glue around 3/4 of the fish.
You need to leave an opening for the next step (stuffing with catnip). We left an opening on the top or bottom of the fish.

Step 5: Stuff with catnip.
When I say "stuff", i don't mean until it's busting... we probably used about a tablespoon in each.

Step 6: Hot glue the rest of the way shut. 
Obviously, if you have little kiddos doing this you need to be careful and smart with the glue guns. My girls are older, so they are aware.

Step 7: Put in a sealed bag and plan to deliver to an animal shelter. 
You could also pass out to friends and family with cats. I know Newman the cat loved his felt fish.

You can still order the Helping Hands patches and download the free guide from BCGPatches.com. The patches are only going to be around until they sell out, though, so be sure to order yours soon. :)

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