Thursday, February 23, 2017

Put Yourself Out There

Put yourself out there ...  be brave!! Preaching to the choir, sister (or brother)!

About a year ago, I decided to start designing and selling patch programs... BCG Patches. For years, I told the girls to "just try it". "You'll never know unless you try". "The only real failure is not starting". Wow... do I love to eat my words. 

Almost a year down the road (March 23, btw), I've worked to build the programs, listen to customer needs, spread the word, and try to get my name out there. Of course, there are hurdles and lack of knowledge on how to really launch this into a multi-million dollar industry... I need a Shark, right? (uh, no... you would see me cry on TV) It has never been the plan to replace my full-time job... the plan was to do something where I could use my creative side (design), my analytical side (organized guides), and my personable side (I am pretty good at talking to people I don't know like we've been friends for years... It's a skill...) and help people leading youth out with some easy activity ideas.

The latest and greatest "thing" to join the BCG Patches family of services (talk about your lingo...) is the YouTube channel.

I have several video tutorials out there for Handmade Treasures and Spring Surprise. Some of the Handmade Treasures videos are a bit old and please don't judge my tie-dye. But, it's getting there... and the plan is to have it all snifty and edited one of these days like to cool kids... for now, I'm happy if I don't have something weird on my face or my hair all crazy-like.

This is me... putting myself out there... be kind. and subscribe to my channel!!!!

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