Tuesday, March 21, 2017

In the midst of a cookie storm

I know I've referenced this song before and I may again, so hopefully you like it.

The past month or so has been all about cookies. We have been taking orders, delivering, transporting, shuffling, selling, boothing, and getting really sick of them (just being honest). I think at this point, all the adults and girls are tired of cookie season. We still have another 2 weeks to go, but our troop... is done. 

This morning, I made an early day run (like prior to 7am!) to a friend's house to trade out this for that to fill some orders from parents. On the way down the street to turn around, I was thinking about the sacrifices we make as Troop Leaders. We give up time with family, friends, and ourselves. We become stressed, overwhelmed, snippy, and down right mean to those we love the most at times, too (talk to my husband... he'll tell you I am not perfect..) ... myself included. I really try to keep myself in check... but it's hard when you have a million things to do, badges to sew on, cookies to sort, meetings to prepare, trips to plan, and then all the normal "stuff" we do. 

I turned my car on and the song by Tim McGraw was playing.. "Humble and Kind". It was at that part in the song where it says "Always stay humble and kind"... "when you get to where you are going, don't forget to turn around and help the next one in line." I have to say it stopped me in my mental tracks and spoke to my heart.

The girls that I've watched grow and mature and take on responsibility and laugh and plan... they are why. They are worth the early morning cookie run, the late night badge sewing session, the crazy week full of here and there activities, the booked calendars, and the sometimes unrecognized sacrifices.

In the midst of the cookie storm.. take a moment and remember why we do it. It isn't about the money for the troop. It isn't about being the top seller. It's not about being recognized for the things we do. It's about setting the example for the next generation. They may not see it today... but they will see it. They'll understand it. They'll know. Someone cared enough about them and the world we live in to stand up and say "Yes. I will do this."

Thank you, to all the volunteers who Believe in Girls. 
Invest in Her. 
Invest in our Future. 
It really is ToGetHer There!

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