Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Just Sing! <--a patch program

As a leader, I'm always looking for easy things to fill the time and something that creates a memory. That is the hope for the Just Sing Patch Program.

The 6 page Just Sing program guide has some tried and true favorite songs of my girls from our own meetings and larger events. Yes, I included Tom the Toad and I'll just apologize in advance. That toad will be the death of me, yet. For the past 5 years for our day camp, I lead songs. If Tom isn't in the book, I get asked why and if we can sing it anyway. If Tom is in the book, I hear the begging of small scouts every single day to sing. Why Tom is so loved is beyond me... but, he's in program guide for Just Sing... a tribute to all the pleading little girls I've heard for the past 5 years.

Just Sing is a quick and easy patch program you can work on during the time in the meeting when you flew threw everything else or when you are waiting for parents to arrive. Sing a song or two. Share some laughs. Earn a patch... with Tom the Toad and all his other friends.

Not all the songs are silly, mind you. I included my favorite traditional songs that we've sang. Linger has a special place in the heart of my stepdaughter, as we sang it as a send off for her older sister leaving on a missions trips. Say Why is in there because it's just the perfect way to end camp each year. It's also a beautiful song for graduating girls, bridging, end of a special event, or even a troop year. Taps... well... this is a song that I had no idea had words until I became involved with scouting and so I'm hoping I'm not alone in the lack of knowledge. I'm spreading the word. There are words to Taps and they are thought provoking.

If you promise not to judge, laugh, or leave snarky comments... I invite you to check out the BCG Patches YouTube channel, as my girl and I have added videos for sing-a-longs for each song. Yes... we Just Sing and are proud of it.

The Just Sing patch will be available through July 15, 2017 and you can order it now in the store.

Just Sing!

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