Friday, April 14, 2017

Have a Soaring Summer

Make it a Soaring Summer! Whether you are blowing bubbles, flying paper airplanes, or getting a sugar rush on homemade ice cream sandwiches… put down the electronics and have some fun outdoors and indoors.

Sample activities include:
  • Make homemade bubbles and a bubble blowing wand
  • Bird watch to discover 6 different types of birds
  • Document a “week in the life” with photos or journaling or both
  • Plant flowers to attract butterflies
  • Set up a net for volleyball or badminton
  • Watch for fireflies
  • Paint a design on canvas sneakers
Patches are available NOW and all orders placed by October 15, 2017 are guaranteed to be filled. After october 15, 2017, we will sell off remaining stock and that will be the end. 

If you can't print at home, you can order a guide we print and mail to you!

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