Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Seniors... here we come!

This is a fun year for my Cadette troop... oh, wait... they are going to be Seniors very, very soon. I have a couple girls finishing up their Silver Award and then we will bridge in the early Fall. They chose to wait to do Bridging, Court of Awards, and the Silver Award ceremony all together in the Fall. This means that traditional Court of Awards that I'm used to doing in May didn't happen. I love the troop being girl-led, but I missed the end of school year Court of Awards. It was weird to just end the year without a ceremony.

We did have a fun end of year activity. We went to a local ceramics painting studio and then had frozen yogurt. In addition to our small, but mighty, troop of 3... we invited another small and mighty troop to join us. Next year, we are planning to merge the two troops together and become a slightly larger and mightier troop. I'm excited, as the girls in the merging troop are awesome young women... just like the young women in my troop.

Anyway, this is just a post about personal troop plans. We are moving up to Seniors. I have all the Senior badge booklets and journeys anxiously awaiting to be filled through. We have a tentative date set for July 22nd to complete the journey Mission: Sisterhood as a Journey in a Day program (of course, I'll share my plans and outcomes with you!). I'm hoping to work in a badge workshop day over the Summer, too. We are going to Convention in the Fall and we're toying with the idea of doing a badge along the way. Sounds like something we could do to use up some of the 8 hours in the car.

So, yeah... stay tuned... Senior stuff coming your way very soon.

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