Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner: Pinterest Party

For Volunteer Appreciation this year, I hosted the dinner as a Pinterest Party. Everything was designed as a "make n take", including dinner which was a potato and salad bar.

We had 4 stations, plus a small gift for each of our adult volunteers. Guess what? I'm going to share all my "stuff" with you. YAY!!

Gift: Knot Book
I Googled and found a resource that sort of was what I wanted, but then it wasn't exactly... so, I tweaked it.

The cover is in Word form, so you can change the words and such. The covers were printed on green cardstock. The interior pages I printed on white heavier paper, but it wasn't cardstock.
I had them printed double sided, folded, and stapled at Staples.

To complete the Knot Book, I ordered paracord in green and white. It was cut to 2' increments, sealed with a lighter to singe the ends from fraying. Then, I just tied those around the binding of the booklet. We passed them out to each adult volunteer attending the dinner.

Station 1: Juliette's Pearls

Simple SWAP that you may remember from my Daisy days.
All the "stuff" was ordered via Amazon.
The table was set up with instruction sheet and baskets of supplies.

Prep was simple. Just print and cut the inserts apart from the SWAP Sheet.

Station 2: Girl Scout Bottlecap magnets
I found the images online (and if they are yours.. THANK YOU! I'd love to give you credit, but I really have no idea where they came from... too much Googling) and put 3 copies of them on one page. I had those printed on heavy white cardstock.

Prep was minimal on this. I had the images printed and I cut the groups apart just to make sure they were easy to punch.

The table had the baskets with supplies and instructions

Station 3: Post it Holders
Again... all stuff from Amazon.
I did design the printed paper through an online site that will turn your words into word bubbles and you can upload any shape you want to begin with. It's super cool and fun and you should try it out! (https://wordart.com/my-word-art)

I had the images printed on green cardstock with black lettering.

Prep for this... I cut the pritned paper down to the correct size and had a couple friends help me round the corners with a punch. I've listed the punch below, because it works great! If you do this in advance of the event, you won't have all the little corner pieces to clean up...

Station 4: Colorful Soup in a Jar
This was the biggest hit, I think. The looks I got at Wal-Mart were awesome, too... try checking out with 14 bags of split peas and 14 bags of lentils, plus a ton of noodles, rice, minced onion, etc. plus canning jars... people give you looks.

I found the recipe online and I liked it the best because there wasn't beans in it. There also wasn't a ton of pricey spices or things that I would have issues finding. The hardest thing to find was barley, which I sent the new Service Unit Manager in search of and she found locally. I didn't purchase these items through amazon, because it was cheaper locally.

To prep this station, I poured ingredients in bowls and put the correct size measuring cup in each. So, if you needed 1/2c, there was a 1/2c measuring cup in the bowl. I had the ingredients in order on the table and provided canning funnels for the jars to minimize the risk of spills. This sped up the process as it was just go down the line, scoop, pour, done.

Other "things" for the event I used:
table markers
Word Art Levels
Word Art Traits

In closing

The last thing I want to share is the reason behind each activity choice, as I explained it at the dinner to my leaders.

We are all Juliette's pearls. She believed in Girl Scouting enough to sell her strand of pearls to fund a national office and continue Girl Scouts. I hope each day I live up to her expectations to further the movement. As a volunteer, I know we can all relate to the sacrifice she made. We believe in Girl Scouts, too. Our girls are worth it.

The bottlecap magnet: It takes a magnetic personality to build and grow our troops. The friendships we form and the friendships our girls form will give them something to stick to for a lifetime. And, let's be honest... sometimes at the end of the camping trip, we can all use a cold drink and can't wait to pop the bottlecap.

As a Service Unit, we have caused Council to take note of the things we are doing. I am asked frequently about how we do this and that. It's because of all our troops that I can confidently say that we stick together and bound together by a common mission... developing amazing future leaders.

Finally, a colorful soup... that's us. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all bring something special to the group. We all have our own "flavor" to offer to the larger picture. Together, we work well and nourish our girls into greatness.

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