Wednesday, July 12, 2017

52 Questions in 52 Weeks - Week 3

Week 3. What memories do you have of your father (his name, birth date, birthplace,
parents, and so on)?

My Dad was amazing. I could stop there and be quite satisfied with the answer.

He was born to Joseph and Alice Fredrich in Linn, MO on December 16, 1938 and named Clyde Winford Fredrich.

I am such a Daddy's girl. I would race out the door after dinner to help him in the garden or with the chickens or whatever he was doing. I love the memories I have of riding with him on the mower or the tractor. I can still smell his aftershave when I think of him. He would ask me to ride along to check the water pumps in town (part of his job as City Superintendent) on the weekends, which I knew meant we would stop for ice cream. He loved my Mom so much. His kids were everything to him. I hope I can honor him with my life. He was a great man and I miss him so much... every day.. since he passed in 2015 from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He was the strongest man and fought with everything in him to beat cancer. But, it overtook him. I miss him so much... he was the best Dad on the planet and no one will ever come close to the level of admiration and respect I have for him. He could do anything and always made sure I knew I can, too. I'm thankful for everything he taught me.

I ran across this challenge about a year ago and thought it was a marvelous idea...

The whole idea is to tell your own story by answering one question a week. People that love ancestry love finding diaries, journals, and letters, because they tell about everyday life. Not just the big stuff, but the every day little stuff.


  1. Will get mine up on Monday as I'm packing for troop camp out. My dad also passed way from cancer. Leukemia

  2. Okay between the campout and my mom arriving for a visit I just got this weeks done.