Friday, August 25, 2017

52 questions in 52 weeks - Week 9

What are the names of your brothers and sisters? Describe things that stand out
in your mind about each of your siblings.

My sister is the oldest, Leatta Jean.
Things that stand out:
* Kind
* Strong
* Reminds me of my maternal grandmother, as she is always concerned about others and how they are doing.

My brother is the 2nd child, Larry Dean
Things that stand out:
* Strong
* Soft-hearted, though he'd never admit it
* Generous
* Hard working
* Reminds me of my Dad more and more

I ran across this challenge about a year ago and thought it was a marvelous idea...

The whole idea is to tell your own story by answering one question a week. People that love ancestry love finding diaries, journals, and letters, because they tell about everyday life. Not just the big stuff, but the every day little stuff.

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