Thursday, August 17, 2017

August through January Activity Plan

One of the hardest things as a leader is figuring out what to do and how to pull it off. I remember struggling to figure out things the group wanted to do. I know... girl-led... but, they don't know what they want to do either OR they come up with things to drain the account faster than you can blink. So... let's just say they need your guidance and help.

Let's face it... it's also fun to plan activities for them they will be sure to enjoy. No one wants to hang around a bunch of bored people that are only there to do what they have to do in order to muddle through and leave. Now that my Seniors are planning their own things, I remind them they must entertain me or else I won't want to be there either. It's all in jest, sort of, but it's a reminder that it should be fun!!

So... I'm here to help you out. No matter what age you have... patch programs can supplement and provide a lot of great memories and add on more thrills to the other activities you are already doing.

Here's a quick simple 6 month plan to get you started off right this year. :)

Photo shoot day for a great back-to-troop activity. Quick and easy program resulting in a great photo memoir. Complete the Shutterbug program.

Host a party with a super hero theme! Complete Super Hero Strong

Have a Fall Campout or Fall Cookout Day. Use Campfire Cookin' patch program

Thankful for all our loved ones, but that isn't just 2-legged creatures. Show the love for our 4-legged friends. Complete Fur Babies

Share the spirit of the season by sharing with others. Complete Share the Season or Helping Hands

Those cold winter months keep us inside. It's a great time to explore handmade crafts. Complete Handmade Treasures

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