Saturday, September 16, 2017

52 questions in 52 weeks - week 12

Share some memories of your grandparents.

My Grandma Alice was a quilter and a baker (and a Baker... her maiden name). I don't remember a time where there wasn't a cookie in the red apple cookie jar (which I now have!) or a quilt in the frame to quilt or the sewing machine working on another quilt top. She was a decent cook, though I hated it when she put hot dogs in the mac & cheese... I still don't care for that.

Grandma Mary crocheted and was a great cook. I loved her lemon pound cake and no one has the recipe. I've tried a many and never found one that has come close to the way she made hers. She had a huge garden and canned everything. Years after she canned and had passed, the peaches were still just as gorgeous and peach in the jars! She was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest person I have ever known. I am no one where near the level of compassion she had for people. She went through a lot in her lifetime. I aspire to live up to the standard she set with her life.

Grandpa Leo was a farmer. I was never as close to him as I was with my Grandma's. He was kinda grumpy. The one most vivid memory I have of him was in the nursing home as a visitor when my grandma was there (pancreatic cancer... he couldn't take care of her...). He broke down in tears when the stupid mean administrator told him not to worry about the level of salt in my grandma's meals because "she doesn't have much longer anyway". I have never seen anyone so crushed and defeated and broken hearted. She was the love of his life and in that moment it was so evident. I think he left feeling as though he had failed her somehow. The other memory I have of him is in his chair in their living room.. and on the back porch cutting up a watermelon fresh out of the garden... warm watermelon is not good... just sayin'

I never met Grandpa Joe. He passed away before I was born. The stories I have heard vary between his days when my Dad was growing up and Grandpa wasn't the best person (drank too much, stayed away from home for days on end, never knew where he was) and when my older siblings were growing up and he was a good grandpa who favored my brother. I really just don't know that much about him.

I ran across this challenge about a year ago and thought it was a marvelous idea...

The whole idea is to tell your own story by answering one question a week. People that love ancestry love finding diaries, journals, and letters, because they tell about everyday life. Not just the big stuff, but the every day little stuff.

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