Thursday, October 5, 2017

Because of her...

I'm embarking on a trip tomorrow with 3 Senior Girl Scouts and an awesome co-leader. We are going to the 2017 Girl Scouts National Convention in Columbus, OH. I attended the 2014 Convention in Salt Lake City, UT and came back energized and ready to conquer the world.

This is a bittersweet trip for me. I remember coming back last time to a girl at home who was excited I had gone, excited I was home, and hopeful to go with me this time. We planned it. She aspired to meet the CEO and BE the CEO of Girl Scouts in her future. Wow... 3 years can bring about change.

My girl isn't in Girl Scouts anymore. She is an amazing, talented young woman who plays the guitar, writes her own songs, and plays golf for her High School. She's doing well academically as a Freshman and has good friends who I adore. I really can't ask for a better 15 year old. She's way better than I was at 15. But, to say it's the same would be a lie. To say I won't miss her on this trip, would be the ultimate lie.

I'm travelling with 3 girls who are not my own... yet, they are. I love these girls. They drive me a little crazy at times, but I'm sure I return that favor. Two of the girls in the group I only met 3 years ago. One I had as a Brownie for a couple years and then she changed troops for a couple years and then returned. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Each have their own aspiration to change the world and I know they will do it... and already have in some ways.

What's the point here? I guess I'm sharing all this to remind you why we do it. Why we put in the long hours. Why we are sewing badges on a uniform the night before we leave for convention, so everyone can show off their accomplishments. Why you pick up road trip snacks and pack a few of their favorite games.

Because of her.

"She" is amazing. "She" needs someone on her side. "She" needs to know that someone is willing to put in the extra time, use vacation time, adjust schedules, help plan activities she chose, and stay up late working on one last project. "She" needs to see that someone takes the time to make it special. Because... "she" is worth it.

It would have been easy for me to leave when my girl left scouts. It would have been accepted and understood. But, then each day, I would have looked in the mirror and known... I let them down. I have had several girls in my group that have needed the stability of a good and constant role model. I'm not perfect and far from a replacement of a parent... but I can be a constant. I can be someone she can count on. I was blessed with amazing parents and a strong family. Not every girl has that. Thankfully, the three girls going with me this weekend have good families. So, why stay? Because I want them to know by my example that you can and should give your time for people even when they aren't related to you. When they are grown, I want them to see that I cared about them... not because we were related... not because my girl was part of their group... not because I had to stay... but, I wanted to stay. I cared about them. I love each of them. They are "my girls" and I am honored to share their Girl Scout experience and hope I can give them something good to look back on.

If you are travelling to convention, be sure to look me up on the app. I'll be there Friday night through Sunday. I'd love to meet some of my blog followers. I have SWAPs!

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