Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bridging to Senior Girl Scouts

I was overwhelmingly excited to coordinate a special evening for my girls to bridge from Cadette to Senior. They chose to do this in the Fall, rather than Spring, because two of them were earning their Silver Award and needed the Summer to wrap it up.

That just gave me more time to think about how to make it special, which was greatly appreciated.

Let me give you the rundown for the evening.

We did several different ceremonies in one and held it in the backyard at my home. Court of Awards, Silver Ceremony, and Bridging.

Prep for Court of Awards:
Badges and patches were stapled to cardstock sheets and covered with precut scalloped  paper. I printed their names for the front of their packet. Badges and earned awards that go on the front of the uniform were stapled. Fun patches and things for the back were in a baggie.

I also had a spreadsheet view of all the awards each girl was receiving and jotted down the highlights on a list I had with me during the ceremony. Instead of reading off every thing each girl did, I would simply say "3 of the girls earned..." The exceptions were awards such as the Silver Torch, Service to Girl Scouting bar, etc. Those I mentioned who earned what, since those take a lot of effort.

Silver Ceremony prep:
I invited a friend and Board member to join us and help present. I also invited our Media Coordinator for our Service Unit. I had Council mail me the certificates and pins and searched high and low for the perfect way to present. I chose the Silver Ore Ceremony. You need 5 regular candles and then 1 silver candle for each girl receiving the award. If you can't find silver candles, you could tie silver ribbon around them.

This is the Silver Ore Ceremony I found and used... I changed several things with this to fit our group. I don't have enough girls to read the parts, so I changed the wording. I also did away with presenting flowers and such and kept it very simple. But, it was very touching.

I tried and failed to find a Senior or Ambassador troop to help with our bridging. So, I invited a couple young adult Girl Scouts to come help. They were so gracious to attend! We had a short little thing to read (see below) and I gave their names to cross our "bridge". Once across they were greeted by our Board Member and 2 young adult Girl Scouts. They received their bridging patch and the Senior/Ambassador scarf was tied onto their neck.

"Cadette to Senior: As Girl Scout Cadettes, you demonstrated leadership by helping younger Girl Scouts, and you began to understand the power of your voice, and the responsibilities of being a leader as you made more decisions in your group. As Girl Scout Seniors, you will have even more opportunities to Discover a wider world, Connect with more sisters and community partners, and Take Action through Journeys, and as you begin your pursuit of the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouting. As each girl is called by name, she will receive her bridging certificate and award, and will be received by her sister Girl Scout Seniors. Please welcome our newest Girl Scout Seniors (applause)"


I made a Trefoil table runner with 3 trefoils on it. The background fabric I found on ebay. I believe it's uniform material for Brownie or Juniors from the late 80s/early 90s.

Since we were doing a Silver Ceremony, I ordered a silver tablecloth from Amazon and silver candles. I also ordered rainbow bunting, a rainbow pennant banner, and frames for their Silver Award certificates (the certificates were provided by our Council, along with their pins).

The setup was fairly simple. I used the folding table we use for cookie booths. Covered that with the silver tablecloth, table runner down the center, and 3 candle votives on the 3 trefoils. The 2 silver candles and 5 votive candles for the Silver Ceremony were all placed in front and lit as the ceremony progressed.

I also used the PVC pipe cookie booth frame we use and draped a white tablecloth over it, pinning it around the pipe at the sides and top, and used the pennant banner to decorate. Finally, 3 rebar posts were driven into the ground and the rainbow bunting was in front of the backdrop to form our "bridge".

In the trees behind the table and then on the ground to light the path over the "bridge" I strung clear lights. Since we were doing this at 7PM, I needed the extra light and I do have to say... it was quite magical.

We did have refreshments afterwards, but guess what... total fail on my part and no pictures were taken of any of that...

I baked cupcakes with green icing and a single white confectioner's pearl to symbolize the pearls Juliette Low sold to pay for the first national GS office. We had punch made from Hawaiian punch, pineapple juice, and 7up. Then, trail mix which was a 70258 special... only the things they like (mini marshmallows, M&Ms, pretzel goldfish, and frosted cheerios). I don't recommend that for trailblazing... there isn't enough protein to help you out at all... but for celebrating, it's a sure fire hit.

How do you celebrate your Girl Scout achievements?

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