Thursday, November 30, 2017

Senior First Aid Badge

My Seniors plan their meetings and the do a fabulous job. So, not only do I have a 15 year old that is pretty much self-sufficient, I also have a troop of 6 girls that are also not needing all of my attention, planning, and help... it's a trying time for me. I need to be needed... just sayin'. 

Girl Scout L planned the First Aid badge... we're taking a trip to the Firehouse for most of it, because there was not an ER doctor to be found that could help us out. Most of the requirements will be met at the firehouse with our amazing Firefighter and First Responder guest.

Badge requirements and how we're doing it: 

  1. Interview First Responder about triage
  2. Talk to a professional about how to help a head or neck injury
  3. Ask an expert how to make a splint from everyday objects
  4. Recognize sign of drug overdose and alcohol poisoning
  5. Make posters to share with other teens about the facts about drug overdoses and alcohol poisoning. 

Roll-Up First Aid Kits:

and because I need to feel needed (It was part of her plan to make a first aid kit... don't leave me hateful comments about girl-led, etc. Try to just sense the humor of a "mom" moving to a new chapter) I whipped up roll-up first aid kits for the girls to fill with first aid supplies (I used this plan and sort of tweaked it to fit my need.. fabric is Riley Blake Girl Scouts). We'll go over the proper use of each supply and do a few demonstrations and what else they could be used for in case of emergency. 

Kits will contain: 
  • 3 different sizes of regular bandages - Used for minor cuts and scrapes, can also be used to help hold gauze in place or to hold household split pieces in place temporarily
  • butterfly closures - review when butterfly closures are better choice than a regular bandage
  • gauze - larger wounds, burns, applying pressure
  • alcohol wipes - cleaning wound prior to treatment
  • triple antibiotic ointment
  • q-tips - for applying ointment; avoid skin contact to spread germs

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