Thursday, February 15, 2018

Boredom Buster: Busy Bee Patch

How many times have you planned your little heart out and then came up short? When the girls in my troop were little, I remember over-planning and stuffing extra things in the bag just in case they completed activities a lot faster than I anticipated. That "bag of tricks" came in handy quite often. It became an incentive with them, too. They knew if we stayed on task and got the "work" done, we would have time for a game or song or something.

So, this month's release is in the spirit of helping you bust the boredom, fill the gaps, and have a few tricks up your sleeve for the times when you thought you had enough for them to do... but didn't. The activities also work great to mix it up and toss in a little extra fun. I hope a few of the items become your groups favorites, too.

The February 2018 release is jam-packed with games, artsy activities, and a few easy and yummy snack ideas. I mean, you have to have snacks!

It's your choice if you want to use this as filler activities or devote a meeting to completing it all. You simply complete 5 activities and earn the patch. Of course, you are always welcome to toss in your own ideas and make it fit your need and group interests.

The patch is only guaranteed through May 15, 2018. So be sure to order yours before it's too late. 

Download the Free Digital Guide 
(Or the mailed hardcopy, if you can't print and want it printed)

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