Monday, April 9, 2018

Junior; Jeweler Badge Slide pin

I did a post some time back about the Jeweler badge. My failure to provide good instructions for the Hieroglyphic Slide Pins prompts this post. Many of you have contacted me and wanted to know how we made these. I am almost embarrassed to tell you how simple they were to make.

BUT... to redeem myself... I have created a Project Sheet AND a YouTube tutorial on how to make them. Please no pointing and laughing as I go through how to make them.

Junior Badge: Jeweler
Slide Pin
2 glass slides
White Cardstock cut to fit the slides
Markers, colored pencils, pens, crayons
Metal tape
Adhesive pin back

1. Trace the shape of the slide onto a piece of white cardstock and cut out.

2. Decide on your design and sketch it out using a pencil.

3. Color in your design.

4. Place the design between the two glass slides.

5. Cut a length of metal tape.

6. Adhere the metal tape to the sides of the glass slides, securing them together.

7.  Adhere pin back to back of slides. Double check the way your design goes to make sure your pin is in the correct direction.

Slide Pin project sheet (PDF) - It has more pictures.
YouTube tutorial (embedded below, too)

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