Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Summer Bucket List: A Patch Program

Here we are again on the cusp of summer and what to do... do we meet over the Summer? Do we shudder at the thought of trying to schedule with super busy families for an overnight or day long event? Do we say forget it and see you in the Fall? Do we figure out a plan to stay in touch when it's almost impossible?

I started using Summer patch programs about 5 years ago. They are optional, so the girl's decide whether or not they want to participate. I try to choose something that is easy for them to do on their own and typically plan a "meet up" at some point over the summer to have a little fun and complete one or two of the activities. It's my way of encouraging them to keep in touch.

This summer, we are using Summer Bucket List from my shop, It's a super flexible way to give them something to do and earn a super cute patch. The hidden learning exercise that we all try to sneak in is all about goal setting. The first thing they have to do is come up with 15 things they want to do over the summer. When they complete them, simply check or cross them off. There are 4 different sheets they can use  (or they can come up with their own)... simple to flowery.

I worked on my Summer Bucket List yesterday after downloading the free program guide. I'm excited about the summer and I'm hoping to mark a couple things off the list over the week... like planting tomatoes and such this weekend.

If you have questions about the patch or the guide, please feel free to reach out.

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